Tuesday 6 November 2018

Reading the names of the fallen

Monday 5 November to Saturday 10 November, 4.15pm daily, Hereford Cathedral

Around 500 names will be read each day in a daily service led by county dignitaries and organisations, and family representatives of those who died, were injured or who served during the First World War. The service is open to all.

The names being read on Tuesday 6 November are:

James Close
Warren Peter Clowes
Phillip George Coates
William Henry Coates
Arthur Henry Cobbledick
William J Cobley
William Colborn
Henry Colburn
Leonard Colder
Frederick Alexander Cole
Norman Frank Ewart Cole
William George Cole
Alfred Ernest known as John Colebatch
Samuel Arthur Pateshall Colebatch
Charles Coleman
Herbert Coleman
Herbert Edward  Coleman
George Collard
Cecil John Collett
Donald George Colley
William James Colley
Harold Edmund Collins
Thomas George Collins
William George Collins
Charles John Colwell
Leonard William Colwell
HE Comley
Geoffrey Lee Compton-Smith
Edward Reginald Conn
Charles Edward Cook
EA Cook
Gilbert Henry Cook
Herbert Henry Cook
James Cook
JR Cook
Thomas George Cook
Alfred Edwin Cooke
Frank Wilfred Cooke
Harold Lynford Cooke
Harry Cooke
James Henry Cooke
John Cooke
Thomas William Cooke
Wilfred Cooke
William Cooke
William Holt Cooke
Robert Henry Coomby
Thomas Gerald Coomby
William Coomby
Albert  William Cooper
Frank Cooper
Frederick Percival Cooper
George Cooper
George Cooper
James Cooper
John Cooper
Tom Cooper
William Albert Cooper
William Henry Cooper
Frank Copeland
Charles Henry Corbett
David Albert Corbett
George Corbett
William George Corbett
Violet Corey
Hubert John Corfield
Edward Charles Cornock
Frank Cottrell
Hubert John Cottrell
Thomas Leonard Counsell
Cyril Perry Court
Reginald Walter Southwood Court
Arthur Samuel Cowdell
PA Cowden
Harry Gardiner Cowell
Frank Cowles
Thomas Henry Cowles
Alfred James Cowmeadow
Albert Cox
Rolf Cox
Samuel Coxshall
James Craddock
Harry Anthony Creed
Osmond Creed
Sir Herbert Archer  Croft 
Albert H Crompton
George William Cropper
George Cross
Stanley Cross
Stanley John Cross
William Harold Cross
Alan Hastings Crossley
Allan Forsyth Crosthwaite
Ernest John Crouch
Percy Crump
Sidney Curling
Eric Calvin Curtis
Gustavus William Custance
Harold Cutfield
Ernest George Cutler
Francis Dale
Sidney James Dale
William Dalley
Frank Bennett Dallow
Harry Arthur Dallow
Walter Dallow
William Ewart Dallow
Charles Phillip Dance
Thomas George Dance
William Ernest Dance
John Arthur Daniel
Ernest Arthur Daniels
Vyvyan Hope Lancelot Davenport
Aaron Thomas Davies
Albert Davies
Albert Aaron Davies
Albert Edward Davies
Albert Edward Davies
Albert George Davies
Albert George Davies
Alfred James Davies
Archibald Davies
Archibald Thomas Davies
Arthur Davies
Arthur George Davies
Arthur George Davies
Arthur Henry Davies
Benjamin Rees Davies
CC Davies
Charles Davies
Charles Davies
Charles William Davies
Daniel William Davies
Edmund Percival Barrett Davies
Francis Davies
Frank Davies
Frank Davies
Frank Davies
Fred G Davies
Frederick George Davies
Frederick George Davies
Frederick James Davies
George Davies
George Davies
George Davies
George Davies
George Davies
George Ernest Davies
George Henry Davies
George Herbert Davies
Gilbert Davies
Harry Davies
Henry John Davies
Herbert Edward Gordon Davies
Herbert Thomas Davies
James Davies
James Davies
James Ernest Davies
John Davies
John known as Jack Davies
John Ernest Davies
John Francis Davies
John Herbert Davies
Leslie Frank Davies
Lewis Davies
LJ Davies
Owen Davies
Percival Ernest Davies
R Davies
Reuben Davies
Roderick Simpson Llewellyn Davies
Stanley Edward Davies
Sydney Davies
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies
Thomas George Davies
Thomas Joseph Davies
Thomas T Davies
Trevor Dodd Davies
WG   Davies
William Davies
William Davies
William George Davies
William Hamer Davies
William John Davies
William Joseph Davies
Alexander John Richard Davis
Charles Edwin Davis
F Davis
Frederick Davis
Henry Davis
James Davis
Ronald Herbert Davis
George Daw
Harry James Daw
James Henry Daw
William Daw
William George Dawe
Luther Adolphus Dawes
Albert Dawson
George Francis Hermitage Day
George Henry Day
Leslie Terrett Day
TH Day
John Deakin
John Deakin
Thomas Deakin
George Henry Deem
Robert Edmund Denny
Albert James Derrick
Frank Thomas Derry
William Percival Derry
George Frederick Detheridge
Percival Arthur Charles Detheridge
Albert Dew
Henry Thomas Dew
WT Dew
John Deykes
Herbert Dicker
Frederick Dix
James Dix
Jack   Dixon
William Harold Dobbs
John Dobson
Albert Edward Donovan
Harry Douch
John Edward Doudney
Alfred Edward Dover
George Henry Dovey
John Edward Downes
John Harley Downes
Oswald Downes
Owen Downes
Herbert John Downing
John Doyle
Albert Edward Drew
John Watson Drew
Thomas Drew
William George Dimsey Drew
WT Drew
Albert Drinkwater
Percy Stroud Drinkwater
Samuel Victor Drinkwater
William Thomas Drinkwater
Henry Murray Drummond
Nigel Felton Drummond
Cosmo Lewis Duff-Gordon
Thomas Charles Duffty
Arthur Duggan
George Duggan
Reginald William Dullam
Robert Dunkeld
Phillip Dunn
Charles Allen Durdle
Stanley James Durnell
George Dutson
Willie Dutson
Autbert Christopher Cedric Dutton
Frank Austen Dutton
Horace Frederick Dutton
Gilbert Dyke
Charles Dykes
Edward James Dykes
Joseph Dykes
Joseph Dykes
Ralph Dykes
Edgar Eagling
Harold Earby
Lewis Earl
Alfred Edward East
Harold Henry East
Lewis John East
William Thomas East
Donald Edward Easthope
John William Edmonds
Reginald Edmonds
Harry Edmundson
Amos James Edwards
Charles Leonard Edwards
Frank Edwards
Frank Ernest Edwards
Frederick John Edwards
George Henry Edwards
Harry/Henry Edwards
James Henry Edwards
Leonard Hubert  Edwards
Perry Edwards
Robert Jarman Edwards
Roland Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Henry Edwards
Vincent Edwards
William Edwards
William Frederick Edwards
Jesse Elcox
William Richard Elleway
David Ellis
Frederick Ellis
John Reginald Hutchinson Ellis
Leonard Ellis
William Ellis
Albert Elsmore
Reginald Thomas Cheshire Elsmore
Ernest Elton
Albert Embrey
Herbert E Emerson
Jasper Horace Emerson
Edward Thomas Emery
Arthur William Enoch
Frederick Albert Edward Epps
Eckley Oxtoby Etheridge
Ernest Henry  Etheridge
Albert Evans
Arthur Evans
AS Evans
AT Evans
Charles Evans
David Evans
David Evans
EA Evans
Edward Evans
Edward Juson Evans
Ernest S Evans
G Herbert Evans
George Harold Crossley Evans
Harold Ernest Huntley Evans
John Evans
John Evans
John Evans
John Evans
John Albert Evans
John Trevor Stuart Evans
Joseph Evans
Leonard William Evans
Lionel Charles Evans
Percy Evans
Percy James Evans
Reginald Thomas Cheshire Evans
Thomas Evans
William Evans
William Charles Evans
William Francis Hollands Evans
George Eversham
Henry Arthur Eversham
Chetwode Percy Evill
John Arthur Exall
Egerton Fairclough
Edgar Falconer
Frederick Richard Faraday
Henry Herbert Jonathan Fardon
Reginald Francis Farley
Ernest  Farley served as Herbert
Percy Farmer
Phillip Farmer
John Phillip Farr
Philip Bennett Farr
George William Farrington
Richard Christopher Farrington
Albert Faulkner
Reginald Faulkner
Sidney Robert Faulkner
William Faulkner
William Henry Faulkner
James Faulks
John Faulks
Richard Fell
Tom Fenn
Ernest Field
George Alfred Field
GR  Fielding
Edward Henry Fiennes-Clinton
Charles Finch
Henry Finch
Thos Edward Fishbourne
George Frank Fishpool
William Henry Fishwick
Cyril Frederick Dennis Fitch
Frederick George Fleckner
Albert James Fleetwood
Arthur Thomas Fleetwood
William Fleetwood
Edwin Alma Guy Fletcher
James Fletcher
Austin Henry Floyd
Charles William Floyd
David John Floyd
Sidney George Fluck
Thomas Algernon Fitzgerald Foley
William Footer
Jack Frederick Lionel Footitt
Felix W Ford
Sidney Ford
Thomas William Ford
Edgar Albert Fortey
Joseph Fortnum
Josiah Forty
Arthur Cedric Foster
JG Foster
Thomas Foster
Granville Thomas Batley Fowler
Herbert Fowler
William Henry Fowler
Herbert Fox
Reginald Wilson Fox
Thomas Foxall
Alfred Arthur Francis
Edward Alexander Francis
George Francis
George Francis
John J Francis
Thomas Francis
Donovan Edgar Freeman
Henry Freeman
John Freeman
John Stephen Freeman
William James Freer
William Jesse Henry French
William James Fry  
Ernest Fryer
Frederick William Fuller
Percy Benjamin Galliers
Tom Gammond
Thomas John Gardener
Allan Gardiner
Arthur William Gardiner
Ellis Hubert Gardiner
James Sydenham Gardiner
William James Gardiner
Arthur R Gardner
George Frederick Gardner
Melville Willoughby Gardner
William George Gardner
William Geoffrey Garfield
Alfred Garner
Thomas Garness
Ivan William Garnett
Ivo Clifton Gascoigne
Charles John Gear
Peter Gedge
Alfred Evan George
Arthur George
Ernest George
John George
Stanley George
Thomas Fred George
William Thomson George
Edward Gerrard
Richard Thomas Gerrard
Eric Noel Getting
George Reynold Gibbins
Joseph Miller Gibbins
Albert Claude Gibbons
Charles Henry Gibbons
George Gibbons
George Thomas Gibbs
James Albert Gibbs
Percy Charles Gibbs
James Gibson
Albert Gerald Giddings
Lewis James Gilbert
Levi Giles
Albert Edward Gilks
William Thomas Gill
Sidney Girling
Sidney Gordon Girling
Alan Thomas Gittens
Edgar Arthur George Gittens
Herbert H Gittens
William Gladwin
William Gladwyn
Frank Goddard
AE Godsall
Alfred Godsall
George Henry Godsall
Alexander Wilson Goldie
Thomas Golding
Frank Gooch
Stanley Gilbert Good
Alban Goodall
Edward Goode
Harry Goode
William Thomas Goode
Thomas Goodman
Ernest Leslie Goodwin
Francis Willie Goodwin
Henry Goodwin
Thomas Goodwin
William Ephraim Tudor Goodwin
William James Goodwin
Herbert Thomas Gore
Arthur Llewellyn Gorton
Arthur Henry Gough
Claude Bertram Gough
Edward Gough
Ernest Harry Gough
John Thomas Grady
T Fred Grainger
William Henry Grandfield
Henry Norman Grant
Elliot Blair Grasett
Henry George Gravenor
George William Graver
Robert Napier Greathead
Alfred Green
Charles Green
Charles Reginald Green
Francis Albert Green
Francis Bernard Green
Herbert Silas Green
James Green
John Henry Green
John Henry Green
Robert Henry  Green
Thomas Green
Thomas Christopher Green
William James Green
Leysters Llewellyn Greener
Thomas Henry Greening
William Henry Greenway
Francis Humphrey John Greswolde-Williams
Albert Edward Griffiths
Alfred Griffiths
Arthur Llewellyn Griffiths
Arthur William Griffiths
Charles Griffiths
Charles Sandford Griffiths
Ernest John Griffiths
Frank Griffiths
Gilbert George Griffiths
Harold Griffiths
Henry Griffiths
James Griffiths
John Griffiths
John Griffiths
John Percy Griffiths
John William Griffiths
Joseph Griffiths
Llewellyn Griffiths
Oscar Samuel Griffiths
Reginald Griffiths
Richard Arthur Griffiths
Thomas Griffiths
Tom Reginald Griffiths
William Griffiths
William Griffiths
William Charles Griffiths
William George Griffiths
William Henry Griffiths
William J Griffiths
William John Griffiths