Friday 9 November 2018

Reading the names of the fallen

Monday 5 November to Saturday 10 November, 4.15pm daily, Hereford Cathedral

Around 500 names will be read each day in a daily service led by county dignitaries and organisations, and family representatives of those who died, were injured or who served during the First World War. The service is open to all.

The names being read on Friday 9 November are:

James PATTERSON to William U POWELL William W POWELL to Thomas PUTT James PYE to Henry SHAW John SHAW to Sydney STREET
James Patterson
George William Paul
Albert/Arthur Payne
Charles Geraint Christopher Payne
Eli Charles Payne
Harley James Payne
James Henry Payne
Sidney John Payne
Ernest Edwin Pead
Charles Frederick Pearce
Henry Pearce
William Pearce
William Henry Valentine Pearce
William Pearman
Alfred Christopher Pearson
Archibald Francis Peat
Arthur Waving Pedlingham
Percy George Theodore Pedlingham
Charles Robert Peel
Charles Peplow
Arthur Jex Blake Percival
Albert Perkins
Albert George Perkins
Charles Perkins
Charles Ernest Perkins
John Perkins
Thomas Alfred Perkins
William John Perkins
William John Perkins
William L Perkins
Joseph Willoughby Perks
Leonard Perrin
Albert Edwin Perry
George James Perry
Samuel Charles Perry
Frank Oliver Peskett
A Peters
William Henry Peters
Gilbert Thomas Richardson Pettigrew
William Pewtress
Arthur William Phillips
Ernest C Phillips
George Ernest Phillips
Horace Phillips
James Henry Phillips
James William Phillips
John Thomas Phillips
Leonard John Phillips
Richard Wilfred Phillips
Thomas Phillips
Walter John George Phillips
William Phillips
William Henry Phillips
Alfred Phillpott
Arthur Nigel Phillpott
Allen James Phillpotts
Frank Phillpotts
Thomas Phillpotts
Ernest A Philpott
Thomas James Albert Philpotts
Frederick George Philps
Charles Phipps
William Phipps
Richard William Picknell
Douglas Harry Pike
Albert Francis Pinches
Edward Pinches
Ernest Pinches
James Pinches
Joseph Pinches
Stanley William Pinches
Walter Pinches
Sidney Albert Pines
James Piper
John Charles Pitt
John Harford Pitt
Joseph Henry Pitt
Thomas Abraham Pitt
William Thomas Pitt
Arthur Wright Plant
Gilbert Anthony Player
John Robert Plummer
D Pockett
William James Pocknell
Walter Pogson
William John Ponfield
Ernest Ponting
Ernest John Ponting
Harry William Poole
Frederick James Pope
Gerald Pope
Joseph William Pope
Benjamin James Porter
Leonard Porter
William Porter
George Thomas Portman
William Postans
Herbert Sydney Postings
John Potter
Arthur Pouncett
Charles Pounds
Jeffrey George Povey
A Powell
A Powell
Albert Powell
Alfred Powell
Alfred James Powell
Charles Leonard Powell
Charles William Powell
Christopher Powell
Edgar Powell
Edwin Powell
Ernest Sidney Powell
Francis John Powell
Frank Powell
Frederick Powell
Frederick George Powell
Frederick John Powell
George J Powell
George Thos Powell
Henry Powell
Howell Wyndham Powell
Hubert Powell
James Powell
John Powell
John Charles Powell
John Henry Powell
John Markham Powell
Percy Powell
Reuben Powell
Richard James Powell
Sidney Charles Powell
Walter Powell
Wilfred J. Powell
William Powell
William Henry Powell
William Uniacke Perry Powell
William Watt Powell
Frank Allnut Powell-Akroyd
John Powis
Albert Powles
William Powles
Alfred Ernest Poyner
William Henry Poyner
John Thomas Prater
Bernard Alexander Pratt-Barlow
Albert Henry Preece
Albert Thomas Preece
Alfred Preece
Arthur Preece
Arthur Preece
Arthur Henry Preece
Charles Bath Preece
Ernest James Preece
Francis Matthew Preece
George Preece
George Preece
George Francis Preece
Harold Preece
Henry Thomas Preece
Herbert Preece
James Preece
John Preece
John Arthur Preece
Joseph Preece
Leonard Preece
Leonard Horace Preece
Matthew Francis Preece
Phillip Preece
Phillip John Preece
Richard Russell Preece
Thomas Preece
Alfred E Price
Alfred Edward Price
Allen Price
Robert Preece
Samuel Charles Preece
Thomas J Preece
John Edward Preston
Albert Edward Prewett
Albert Price
Albert Thomas Price
Alfred Arthur Price
Arthur Price
Charles Price
Charles J Price
Charles James Price
Cyril Percy Price
Daniel Price
Ernest George Price
Ernest Henry Price
Evan Price
Frank Archibald Price
Frederick Price
Frederick George Price
George Montague Price
George WT Price
Henry Price
HG Price
James Price
James Price
John Price
John Llewellyn Price
John Thomas Price
John Wesley Price
JWI Price
Oliver Thomas Price
Oscar Price
Russell Harry Price
Sydney Price
Thomas Price
Thomas Price
Thomas Owen Price
Thomas Richard Price
Thomas Valentine Price
TJ Price
Walter Price
William K Price
Albert James Prince
Jack William Prince
James William Prince
Jasp Frederick Prince
Albert Pritchard
Allan Pritchard
Bernard Pritchard
Charles Pritchard
David Emmanuel Pritchard
George Pritchard
George Pritchard
James Pritchard
Leonard Pritchard
Reginald Pritchard
Roland George Pritchard
Thomas George Pritchard
Edward George Pritchett
Albert Ivor Stanley Probert
Harold Francis Probert
Richard Probert
Thomas Probert
Thomas Probert
Walter James Probert
John Probert
Charles Hubert Prosser
Douglas Henry Prosser
Edward James Prosser
Edwin Thomas Prosser
Frederick Prosser
Henry George Prosser
James Prosser
Sidney Prothero
William Charles Prothero
Christopher Proudman
Herbert Prowlin
James Pryce
Harold Victor Pudge
Albert Henry Pugh
Edwin James Pugh
Henry Charles Pugh
I George Pugh
John Arthur Pugh
Joseph George Pugh
Samuel William Pugh
Sidney Arthur Pugh
Thomas Pugh
Thomas John Pugh
William Pugh
Arthur Pullen
Nelson Pullen
Charles Pulling
Henry Thomas Pulling
William Pulling
Oswald John Pumphrey
John Henry Purcell
Thomas E Putt
James Pye
Samuel Pye
Walter George Pye
Francis Pymble
John Quinn
William Raester
Hubert Raine
William J Ranford
Thomas Ratcliff
Edward Francis Ratliff
George Ravenhill
Frank Henry Rawlings
James Edward Rawlings
Thomas George Rawlings
Alfred Lewis Raymond
Henry Leo Raymond
Harold Thomas Read
Allan Edward Douglas Reason
Thomas George Redding
William Henry Redding
Harold Thomas Redler
Leonard James Redler
Henry Ree
Alfred Reece
Charles Reece
Ernest Edward Reed
Henry Reed
AD Rees
William Arthur Reese
Herbery Joseph Reeve
Douglas Edward Lloyd Relton
Charles Reynolds
Gilbert Charles Reynolds
John Charles Reynolds
Thos Reynolds
William Edward Reynolds
William George Reynolds
Francis Patrick Rhodes
George Henry Rich
Arthur Richards
Evan James Richards
Henry Richards
Arthur Joseph Richardson
George Henry Rickards
Walter James Ricketts
Cornelius Riley
Gilbert Rimmer
Albert William Robbins
Albert Roberts
Christopher Roberts
Edward Henry Roberts
George Roberts
George Roberts
Harry George Roberts
Leonard Roberts
Percy Albert Roberts
Sydney Roberts
Thomas Roberts
Charles Robinson
George Robinson
Charles Rock
James Edward Roderick
Charles Leslie Rogers
Cyril Charles Rogers
David Richard Rogers
Thomas Rogers
William James Rogers
Ernest Romes
George Ernest Rooke
Hubert Rooke
William Rose
Clement Harold Ross
John Morgan Rosser
William Rossiter
Ernest George Rouse
George Rouse
Thomas Edward Rouse
EC Rouse
WF Rouse
Thomas Andrew Greville Rouse-Boughton-Knight
George Thomas Rowbrey
Cuthbert Roger Rowden
Charles Christopher Rowlands
Thomas Utting Royden
Frederick Thomas Ruck
Allan Rudd
Kenneth Sutherland Rudd
George Henry Rudge
Raymond Thomas Vaughan Rudge
William Mattey Rudge
Frank Rumsey
Nellie Rurherford
Charles Russell
Edward Stanley Russell
Henry Freeman Russell
John Russell
Thomas Russell
Vernon Francis Russell
Charles Ryder
Thomas Edward Ryder
Partridge George Sainsbury
Richard Crawford Sale
Ernest George Sandford
James Orde Sandilands
Clarence George Sankey
William Richard Sansom
H Sara
Fred Sargent
Cuthbert Shale Sarjeant
Alfred Saunders
Arthur George Saunders
Edward Charles Saunders
James Albert Saunders
WT (Fred) Savegar
George Savigar
Francis Richard Egerton Savory
Hubert Savory
William Frederick Charles Savory
William John Sawkins
Ethel Saxon
George Sayce
Henry William/S Sayce
J Sayce
Henry Sayle
Albert James Scandrett
Joseph Nelmes Scudamore
Thomas Alfred Scudamore
Horace Victor George Scutt
Edgar Cecil Seaborne
William Seabourne
John Percy Seager
Charles William Selley
Walter Sellman
Thomas Henry Senter
Ernest St John Pierrepoint Seymour
A Shambrook
Henry Shaw
John Shaw
John Sydney Shears
Arthur Henry Shellam
Christopher James Shellam
Mark Sheppard
JG Sherratt
Bertie Montague Sherwood
Thomas Bennett Shinn
Edwin Shore
William Herbert Shuck
William George Shute
Percy Sibthorpe
Thomas John Silcox
Reginald Lewis Sillince
Horace Thomas Sillman
Roderick Alexander Simson
George Albert Nash Skillicorn
John Skinner
Charles Skyrme
George Henry Skyrme
Leonard Matthew Skyrme
Mark Skyrme
St. Barbe Russell Sladen
Herbert Edwin Slaymaker
Richard Henry Small
Vernon Smallman
Walter Henry Smart
A Smith
A Dennis Smith
Albert Smith
Albert Smith
Albert James Smith
Alfred Smith
Amos Smith
Arthur Smith
Arthur George Smith
Cecil Archibald Matlow Smith
Charles Smith
Charles Edward Smith
Francis Joseph Smith
Frank Smith
George Rowberry Smith
GH Smith
Harry Smith
Heber George Martn Smith
Henry Smith
Henry E Smith
Henry James Smith
Herbert Gerald Smith
Hugh Jenkins Smith
Ivor Thomas Smith
John William Smith
Leonard Smith
Mervyn Whittenbury Smith
Percy Smith
Raymond Cecil Smith
Robert C Smith
Stephen Henry Smith
Stephen James Smith
Sydney Smith
Sydney John Smith
Sydney Richard Smith
Thomas Michael Hawes Smith
Thomas Stanley Smith
Walter Sidney Smith
William Smith
William Smith
William Smith
William Smith
William Alfred Smith
William Edwin Hawes Smith
William Geoffrey Smith
Richard Ernest Snead
Geoffrey Phillip Joseph Snead-Cox
Herbert Arthur Snead-Cox
Richard Mary Snead-Cox
John Soane
Joseph Sockett
Edward Thomas Solomon
Reginald Somers-Cocks
John Henry South
Joseph Frederick South
Gerald Southern
Harry Hartley Waite Southey
Sydney John Southgate
John Woodfield Spanton
Thomas Henry Spanton
Henry Hubert Sparkes
Isaac John Sparkes
Harry Sparks
Charles Sparrow
Harold Speke
Caleb Spencer
Harold George Spencer
Arthur Charles Spooner
Albert Thomas Sprague
Arthur George Spreadborough
Arthur S Staite
Francis George Stallard
Thomas Henry Stansbury
CM Stanwell
Eric Humphrey Starkey
John Staunton
George Stedman
Thomas Alexander Stedman
Harry Steele
Henry William Steffen
Albert Stephens
Albert Edward Stephens
Albert Henry Stephens
Arthur Edward Stephens
Arthur J Stephens
Ernest James Stephens
Fred Hugh Stephens
Henry Stephens
Herbert Stephens
J Stephens
John Stephens
Percy William Stephens
Thomas Stephens
Thomas Richard Stephens
Wiliam Charles Stevens
Ernest Gordon Stewart
Harold Sidney Stewart
Harold Caley Stillingfleet
Edward Stocker
Arthur Askwith Stoddard
Albert Edward Stokes
Herbert Stokes
Lewis Charles Stokes
William Francis Stokes
Archie George Wilfred Stone
William George Stone
William Arthur Anthony Strange
Frederick Strangward
Harry Street
Sydney Street