Monday 5 November 2018

Reading the names of the fallen

Monday 5 November to Saturday 10 November, 4.15pm daily, Hereford Cathedral

Around 500 names will be read each day in a service led by county dignitaries and organisations, and family representatives of those who died, were injured or who served during the First World War. The service is open to all.

The names being read on Monday 5 November are:

John Joseph Abberley
Frank Maclean Abbott
Harry Abbott
James Abbott
Thomas Walker Abbott
Albert Abel
Frederick James Abel
Thomas Abell 
William Milburn Ackrill
James Acton
Charles Adams
Frederick T Adams
George Adams
Henry Adams
W Adams
William Henry Adams
James Adamson
John Arthur Addis
William John Addis
Edward John Adlington
Martin Chicheley Albright
George Alcott
William John Alderson
Nelson J Aldridge
Albert Alecock
Jim Allen
William Henry Allen
Cecil Amos
James Amos
William Amos
Harry Lea Andrew
Arthur George Andrews
Edward Sylvester Andrews
Francis Edward Andrews
Francis William Becham Andrews
Thomas Andrews
WC Andrews
William Andrews
William Charles Andrews
WJ Andrews
Gerald Caldecott Anthony
Percy Anthony
Thomas Appelbee
Frederick Charles Apperley
John Apperley
Ernest Edward Arbery
John Thomas George Archer
William Archer
William James Archer
Albert Edward Arnold
Ernest William Arnold
Wilfrid Joseph Arnold
William Arthur Arnold
Alfred Arrowsmith
Thomas Alfred Arrowsmith
Joseph Ash
Thomas Wakefield Ashby
Geoffrey William Paley Ashmore
Thomas Ashton
Albert Lewis Ashurst
Gladstone George Aspey
Charles Joseph Aspley
Guy Cheselden Reuell Atkinson
Hugh Wordsworth Atlay
C Attwood
Ernest Frederick Attwood
William Attwood
Reginald Walter Attwool
Winifred Aulsebrook
James Joseph Austin
Phillip Edward Austin
Andrew Austins
Thomas Averill
William Jeffries Ayers
Charles John Aylett
Arthur William Baber
Frank Henry Bacon
John Bacon
Thomas Badger
Alfred Badham
Benjamin Badham
George Badham
Harold James Badham
Charles Thomas Baggott
Frank Baggott
Frank Bagley
Benjamin Thomas Bailey
George Edward Bailey
James Bailey
John Lancelot Bailey
Leonard Bailey
Robert Hamilton Baillie
Arthur Edward Carrow Baines
Peggy Baird
Albert Thomas Baker
Alfred James Baker
Charles Baker
Ernest George Baker
Frederick Charles Baker
George Baker
George Baker
George Henry Baker
Horatio Harold Roberts Baker
James Baker
James Benjamin Baker
James Henry Baker
Percy Richard Baker
Reginald Charles Baker
Richard Baker
William Harold Baker
Hubert Reginald Baldwin
Sidney Ralph Baldwin
Ernest Frederick Ball
Charles Edward Penfold Ballard
Ernest Ballard
George Ballinger
Vivian Wilfred Banchini
Walter Herbert Banchini
Cecil Banks
Frederick Henry Banks
John William Banks
Joseph Bannister
AE Barber
Albert Thomas Barber
Alfred Oswald Barber
EA Barber
Henry Barber
Joseph Henry Barber
Ernest Arthur Barker
Albert Victor Barlow
Albert Henry Barnes
Harry Charles Barnes
Herbert Barnes
Alexander Archibald Barnett
Edwin Austin Barnett
Francis Edwin Barnett
Raymond Whitmore Barnett
Robert James Barnett
Stephen Benjamin Barnett
William Arthur Barnett
Frank Barrell
George Barrell
Vincent Barrell
William Barrell
William Albert Barrell
James Cecil Barrett
John Edwin Barrett
Percival Sydney Barrett
William A Barrett
Richard Barrington
Ernest Bartlett
Frederick Bartlett
Victor Percy Bartlett
Charles John Barton
Herbert Langford Bascombe
Ralph Hopton Baskerville
John Henry Bates
Stanes Geoffrey Bates
Frederick Howard Baugh
James Thomas Baugh
William George Baugh
Colin Eric Baumgarten
Thomas Paul Bauser
Hubert Lockington Bayfield
Frederrick Harold Bayliss
Reginald John Bayliss
Thomas Bayliss
Henry Charles Baynham
John Ernest Bazeley
Charles Beadle
Alfred Ernest Beale
William Ernest Beale
Arthur Beard
John Stanley Beard
Edward Reginald Beatley
Forrest Miles Beauchamp
Penrith Sutton Beauchamp
George Beaumont
William Beaumont
Cissie Beavan
Daniel Charles Beavan
James Henry Beavan
Norman Beavan
Thomas Beavan
Wilfrid Price Beavan
William Beavan
Arthur Beazley
Frederick William Bebb
Sidney Richard Beddoes
Walter Beddows
Charles Edward Bedell
Charles Beech
Harry Beeden
Charlie Beeks 
Frederick Bell
John Bell
James William Benbow
John Lewis Benbow
Leonard Graham Bendall
Thomas William Bengough
George Bengree
James Bengree
James Norman Bennett
Ralph Bennett
George Norman Berney
John Albert Berrow
Arthur Charles Berry
George Thomas Berry
John Bethell
Samuel John Bethell
Thomas Henry Bethell
Edwin George Bettington
John Uppington Betty
George Bevan
John Bevan
Kenneth Percival Stephen Bevan
Pryce Samuel Bevan
Thomas Bevan
Thomas George Samuel Bevan
Thos Bevan
William Norman Bevan
Wilfred Edgar Bezant
James Cecil Biddle
James Pearson Biddle
Arthur Basil George Biggerton-Evans
Ernest Richard Biggs
Charles Joseph Billings
William Henry Billings
Charles Henry Bird
Charles James Bird
George Bird
John Bird
William Thomas  Bird
George Albert Birks
Chas William Bishop
Edwin Whitmore Bishop
Thomas Henry Bishop
Edward James Blacker
Charles Robert Blackett
Charles Blainey
Edward Blake
George Frederick Blakeway
Oscar Stanley Blakstad
Charles Henry Bland
John Bruce Blaxland
Charles Blaydon
Reginald Cecil Blissett
George Bloomfield
John Henry Bloomfield
Robert Bloomfield
Albert John Boast
Vincent Coke Boddington
Hyacinth Edward Henry Bodenham
Robert Bedlingham Bodycomb
Bertram Leslie Bolt
Charles Thomas Bond
Walter Booton
Graham Bromhead Bosanquet
William Boscoe
Francis Edward Bosley
Harold Thomas Bosley
Alfred Oswald Boswell
Thomas Bottom
William Bottom
Warren Ivor Boucher
William Charles Boucher
Benjamin Bounds
George Thomas Bounds
Albert Edward Bourton
Samuel Joseph Bouston
Henry Bowden
Albert William Bowen
Cyril Bowen
Ernest Bowen
Fred Pickford Bowen
George Frederick Bowen
Pryce Thomas Bowen
Wilfred Lodowick Bowen
William Bowen
Charles Bowers
Henry Hayes Bowers
Alfred Edward Bowkett
James William  Bowkett
James Bowstead
Edgar George Brace
Leonard Brace
Reginald Ernest Brace
Albert George Bradley
Bert Bradley
Charles Bradley
Walter Bradley
Walter Bradley
Walter Bradney
Harold James Bradshaw
Connie Bragg
Edmund Brash
Almond John Bratt
James Alexis Bray
John Henry Bray
Leonard Bray
William Edward Bray
William Thomas Brazier
EJ Breakwell
Arthur Breeze
Roderick Breeze
Thomas Brickley
Leonard Bridge
Albert Bridges
Charles Bridges
John Bridges
Walter Bridges
Colwyn Frank Briggs
Henry Brimfield
Ernest Brisland
Richard Arthur Brittain
Arthur Herbert Britten
Charles Edward Britten
Alfred Ernest (John) Bromage
James Albert Bromley
Arthur Bromwich
Herbert Waite Brooke
Archie Percival Brookes
Charles Brookes
Charles Brookes
Frank Trevor Brookes
Frederick George Brookes
James Julian Brookes
Laurence Arthur Brookes
Robert William Brookes
Thomas Brookes
Ernest Godfrey Brooks
Samuel Brooks
Hugh Freeth Gilbert Brooksbank
Thomas Broome
Albert George Brown
Arthur Brown
Arthur John Brown
Charles Arthur Brown
Ernest James Brown
Fred Brown
Henry Walter Brown
J Brown
James Brown
William Brown
William Martin Brown
James Brown 
William John Bryan
George Frederick Percival Bryant
William Bryant
Alfred John Bubb
Alan Buchanan
David Neil Griffiths Buchanan
James Leslie Buckman
Frederick Bufton
William Arthur Bufton
William Henry Bufton
Llewellyn Alfred Henry Bulkeley
Tom Bull
Vincent Keeble Bullen
Allen Bullock
Edward Bullock
George Bullock
William Bullock
Geoffrey Percival Bulmer
James Alfred Bundy
Albert Thomas Bunn
George Bunn
Edgar Victor Bunting
Percy Gaston Burborough
Cecil John Burbridge
Almond Trevosa Burden
Arthur George Mccausland Burn
Fassett Arbouin Burnett
Geoffrey Asteley Burney
Walter George Burningham
William Matthew Burrell
Francis Thomas Burrough
George Burton
William Stanley Burton
Archibald Frank Burwood
Ernest James Bury
Henry Richard Butcher
William George Butcher
George Butler
Frederick Claude Butt
Richard Acton Butt
William George Butterworth
Walter Henry Byard
William Bywaters
John Hartland  Cadle
Andrew Cecil Cadmore
John Cadwallader
Alfred Cady
William Caffull
Edward Hedley Caffyn
Charles Cahill
Albert Caines
Harry Bertram Caines
Leonard Arthur Calder
Frederick Caldicott
George William Caldwell
John Cale
Thomas James Cale
Donald George Cameron
Angus Woodhouse Campbell
James Campbell
Henry Charles Carden
Edward Carey
Wilfrid Townshend Carless
William Henry Carless
Ernest William Carpenter
Albert Carter
Bernard James Carter
George Lewis Carter
Herbert Carter
Percy Albert Carter
Charles Cartwright
Eric Percival St. George Cartwright
Henry Cartwright
Ronald William St. George Cartwright
William Cartwright
Douglas George Carver
Walter Lionel Carver
Frederick John Caselton
Thomas John Casson
Henry Thomas Castree
Cecil Kerwood Cater
James Percival Cater
Arthur Cecil Caunt
Gordon Cave
Percy Worrall Cave
Harold Thomas Cawley
John Stephen Cawley
Oswald Cawley
Archibald Chadd
Benjamin Chadd
Robert Cyril Chadd
Walter Clifford Chadd
Ernest Chadney
Leonard Challis
Hedley George Challoner
Christopher Percy Chamberlain
Ernest Chamberlain
Ernest James Chamberlain
Thomas Chamberlain
Eustace George Chance
Charles Thomas Chapman
Edward Henry Chapman
Edwin Chapman
George Chapman
Philip Evershed Chapman
William Henry Charity
Tom Charles
William Henry Charles
Edward Charlton
C Chattaway
William Cheadle
Charles Cheffers
Charles Ernest Cheshire
Ernest Stanley Chester
James Henry Chester
Hugh  Chignell
John Arthur Childe-Freeman
John Childs 
Charles Chirnside
Charles Chittenden
A Chorley
Albert Edward Christopher
Herbert Christopher
Thomas Churchill
Cyril Clack
Cecil H Clark
Herbert Clark
Leslie William Clark
William Clark
William Clark
Arthur Frederick Clarke
Charles Clarke
Hector Edward Clarke
Henry Clarke
Lionel G Clarke
Richard Thomas Clarke
Robert Shuttleworth Clarke
Robert William Clarke
Thomas Clarke
William  Clarke
William Charles Clarke
William Thomas Clarke
William Thomas Clarke
David Harold Clarkson
Albert Clayton
William Clayton
Thomas Charles Cleaton
Arthur Clements
Reginald Francis Clements
Alfred Cleveley
Herbert Cleveley
William Clifton
Percy Allen Clissett
Percy Archer Clive