Brewer's Passage - SNIK

Internationally-acclaimed artists SNIK combine the creation of hand-cut, multi-layered stencils with haunting, ethereal portraiture from a male and female perspective. Their craft has seen the duo commissioned in locations as diverse as Aberdeen, Stavanger, Miami and Hong Kong.

The peaceful subjects portrayed in their work are paired with the cycles of growth and decay in the natural world. They are living murals that change organically as the eras pass.

Through this site-specific mural in Hereford, SNIK aim to connect the audience with one of the city's most valued and beautiful assets, the wildflower meadows. "Forget Me Not" portrays a figure embracing and harmonising with the resilient presence of the flora that envelops her.

Serving as a symbol of our interconnectedness with nature, she embodies the care and acceptance necessary for nature's unfettered expansion and flourishing, which in turn supports our own growth.

The artwork will be installed in March 2024.

How the design by SNIK at Brewer's Passage looks, featuring a woman's face lying down surrounded by flora

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