The Commercial - Nomad Clan

Nomad Clan is the collective of AYLO and Cbloxx, an internationally-acclaimed, street art duo with bases in Manchester and Los Angeles. The duo marry power and pathos with a fine art showcase in their iconic, monumental murals around the world.

Each mural has a strong significance linked to the environment it sits in, combining playful scenes from local heritage with stylised characters from tales they hear in the locations they visit. The main focus of their work is to proudly celebrate local history, folklore and heritage and reflect the socio-economic issues affecting the area.

Their new commission will draw on the rich folklore and history of Herefordshire, fusing Alfred Watkins' ley lines and the astronomical orientation of Arthur's Stone with the legend of the Mermaid of Marden.

Final design in situ for the The Commercial Inn by Nomad Clan featuring plants, animals and Arthur's Stone

Artist's impression for The Commercial

The artwork will be installed in February 2024.

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