Eign Gate Underpass - Graphic Rewilding

Lee Baker and Catherine Borowski co-founded Graphic Rewilding to create vast, nature-inspired, and attention-grabbing public art in often overlooked and unexpected spaces.

They want to inspire people to connect and empathise a little more with the natural world, hopefully mitigating some of the negative effects of a lack of exposure to green space.

Their large commission will see them transform Eign Gate Underpass, bringing some vibrancy, fun and colour to the city entrance and shrinking the public to the size of an insect to see things from their perspective.

Graphic Rewilding will feature a range of native plants, flowers and insects in the artwork. You will be able to see the Snakeshead Fritillary, Yellow Jacket Iris, Foxglove, Emperor Dragonfly, White Tailed Bumblebee and much more.

Final design for Eign Gate Underpass mural by Graphic Rewilding, with flowers, bumble bee and dragonfly

Artist's impression for Eign Gate Underpass

The artwork will be installed in March 2024.

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