Black general rubbish sacks

If your property is unsuitable for a wheelie a bin, you can use black refuse sacks instead, however you will need to purchase these. We will collect them as normal every fortnight on a general rubbish collection day. We will take up to a maximum four bags at a time. Any more than four will be left.

Why only black bags for rubbish?

Because these are easy for our crews to identify and recognise as general rubbish. Other colours are used for other types of waste, such as business waste or garden waste.

Please don't use small bin liners or carrier bags for your rubbish. Refuse sacks must be strong enough to carry from your property and be thrown into the collection vehicle without splitting.

Manage your rubbish responsibly

While our collection crews will clear up spills immediately around the collection point, please help them by making sure the sacks you put out are tied securely, and not split or overfilled.

Please do not use green garden sacks or clear recycling sacks for general rubbish, as we will not be able to take them away.

Keep your sacks tidy

To help keep your black sacks tidy and out of the way, you can request a bin from us to store these in. You will need to ensure sacks are taken out of this and put out ready for collection. There is a charge for this bin.

We do not provide recycling bins for storage of recycling sacks.

Sack collections in Hereford City centre

If you live in Hereford City centre and your property is not suitable for a bin, you can request a seagull-proof sack.

Seagull-proof sacks are reusable heavy duty bags designed to keep the rubbish and recycling you put out for collection safe from seagulls and other vermin before it is picked up. This prevents the spillage of litter and helps keep the city centre clean.

Seagull proof sacks are simple to use:

  • Place your black or recycling sacks in the seagull sack
  • Put the seagull sack out on the day and time instructed by the waste management team at the front of your property. Secure the seagull sack by tying it to your property (for example to a door handle or drainpipe) if possible
  • Crew collect black or recycling sacks
  • Bring your empty seagull sack back inside as soon as possible
  • Reuse on next collection

Request a seagull-proof sack for your Hereford City centre property