What to submit with your planning application

You can find information on what you must provide with your planning application on the Planning Portal. There also some requirements to meet local planning requirements:

  • Include a bar scale on all plans. This will allow those who are viewing the application online, or who have a printed copy, to be able to scale dimension.
  • State, for all plans, the size of the paper on which it was drawn (e.g.1:50 at A1) and show the direction north. Each plan should have a unique reference.
  • Do not bind or staple together any documents. Provide a date and number for each document/plan/drawing. We require one copy of each document.
  • Electronic submissions should only be made using the Planning Portal. However, currently we are unable to accept plans at A0 scale electronically.
  • Applications should be in one format only - electronic or paper. Please ensure that all documents are clearly legible, particularly when they have been copied or scanned.
  • Location plans should be recent Ordnance Survey or equivalent.

When using Ordnance Survey mapping for planning applications, the map should:

  • Not be a Land Registry document
  • Not be used for multiple applications
  • Show OS Crown copyright as an acknowledgment
  • Not be a photocopy or screen grab image
  • Not be copied from existing OS mapping if using hand drawn maps - such as standard sheets
  • Show the correct licence number if you wish to print or copy maps for applications