Private mitigation schemes to demonstrate nutrient neutrality

Last updated: 26 January 2023

To sign off on a Habitat Regulations Assessment for development within the Clun and the Lugg catchment  you must demonstrate nutrient neutrality; that is phosphates in the Lugg and nitrates and phosphates for the Clun.

You can show that a development is nutrient neutral through long term mitigation schemes that remove nutrients from the watercourse.

At present, the only mitigation scheme in Herefordshire is the council’s wetland scheme. However, to enable continued growth throughout the county, we are keen for developers to pursue their own mitigation.

The private mitigation schemes below have been identified as a starting point for potential schemes that you could develop in Herefordshire. It is not an exhaustive list of the mitigation options available to you, nor is it intended as a means of recommending a particular mitigation scheme over another.

It is your responsibility to find suitable and sufficient nutrient mitigation solutions specific to your site. We would encourage you to seek specialist technical advice on your proposal. The council provides a bespoke service to support applicants to bring forward private mitigation schemes. View our Environmental Advice Service (EAS page.


You will need to consider as part of your proposal the necessary permission, consents, and permits. These will include the following:

You will also need to consider:

  • Site management of the project: ongoing, and decommissioning
  • Monitoring of the project:
    • Before the project begins: inflow water sources and quality must be defined
    • Ongoing monitoring of the project: as part of management schedule

As part of their work on phosphates, Ricardo consultants have prepared an Interim phosphate delivery plan report identifying potential mitigation measures for the catchment, which provides more in-depth information.

Mitigation schemes

The following is an introduction to private mitigation options for your comparison and further research.

Nutrient neutrality private mitigation options

Further support

The council will provide a bespoke Environmental Advice Service (EAS) bringing in all key legislative representatives (Herefordshire Council, NRW, EA, and NE) to support private mitigation schemes through the planning process and to achieve certainty. Further information to be released.