Phosphate credits Lugg catchment

Latest update 18 January 2023

The council has paved the way with the development of the nutrient budget calculator and is now progressing a pioneering natural solution to nutrient management. Integrated wetlands will address point source pollution and provide mitigation through the trading of phosphate credits, which will unlock housing development in the north of the county and provide river betterment.

This page provides an update on where your application is placed in the waiting list for credits, guidance on updating your planning application and on using the nutrient budget calculator to calculate the nutrient budget of the proposal.

River Lugg catchment - Phosphate credits

On 28 July 2022 Cabinet confirmed Nutrient Certainty and authorised the Corporate Director of Economy and Environment to commence the trading of credits based on the Phosphate Credit Pricing and Allocation Policy agreed by Cabinet earlier in the year .

Credits are now available for purchase. If you are on the identified list as eligible, please review the published guidance and prepare updated documents as appropriate.

Officers will be in contact with each individual applicant as credits are released for their purchase.

Important information about allocation of phosphate credits

Phosphate credits will be allocated in validation date order.

All applications will require review and an information update.

Allocation of credits will be managed by the planning team. Planning case officers will work through the applications on the waiting list in date order. When an application is ready to be determined, the case officer will invite you to apply for credits.

Phosphate credits FAQs

Queries about the credit allocation process - Email us with your query at

We can't reply individually but will post regular updates to questions asked on the Phosphate credits FAQs.