About our pre-planning advice service

Before you start any building project, you should check whether you need planning permission using the national planning portal. If you start work without planning permission, you may have to take down or undo any improvements or adjustments you have made. The planning portal provides guidance on planning permission for common home building projects, new buildings, change of use, building alterations, as well as conservation areas and areas of land designated as green belt.

Herefordshire Council offers professional, objective advice and information for planning and listed building applications. Our pre-planning professional advice service is for anyone wanting:

  • To carry out development, such as building work or engineering work
  • To change the use of land or a building
  • Comments on altering/extending a listed building
  • Advice on repairs to a listed building
  • Pre-purchase advice on a listed building

A planning officer or building conservation officer can advise on all aspects of the planning process relating to your application, including:

  • Whether your proposal is likely to gain planning permission or listed building consent
  • What the key planning policy issues are
  • What you would need to submit with your application

The cost of this service depends on the type of proposed planning permission submission. You can find more information on our pre-planning advice fees page.

Please note that our Pre-Application advice service does not include any consultation with external organisations that may well be statutory consultees in the event that a planning application is submitted. This may have a bearing on the outcome of your application and you are advised to make contact with relevant organisations, some of whom administer their own Pre-Application Advice service. Further advice of relevant organisations can be offered on an informal, without prejudice basis, by the case officer.

Our officers cover different areas of Herefordshire. Please view the box on this page to choose the type of advice you require and download a map to find your officer.