Development in the River Clun catchment

Natural England have recently advised that the Clun is exceeding its targets for both phosphates and nitrates. All development within the Clun catchment will, therefore, need to demonstrate nutrient neutrality for both phosphates and nitrates.

View a map of the area covered by the River Clun catchment

Action for developers

If you are a private individual or developer making a planning application in this catchment area you will need to:

  • Complete and submit a phosphate budget for your application using Natural England's nutrient budget calculator below
  • Demonstrate what action you will take to mitigate any nutrient consequences of your application

River Clun Nutrient neutrality budget calculator

In order to sign off on a Habitat Regulations Assessment for development within the Clun catchment you must demonstrate nutrient neutrality.

You can calculate the amount of nutrients your proposed development will add to the watercourse using Natural England's nutrient budget calculator.

River Clun: Nutrient budget calculator

Read the River Clun: Nutrient budget calculator - guidance


For guidance on how to demonstrate your means of mitigation both onsite, in the first instance, and offsite where necessary,

Mitigation can be a complex matter, so we would recommend seeking advice through either Natural England's Discretionary Advice Service and/or the council's pre-application service.