Herefordshire Council is supporting each of each of Herefordshire's five market towns - Bromyard, Leominster, Ross-on-Wye, Kington and Ledbury - to create an economic development investment plan.

The market towns each play a critical role in the county's economy as focal points for employment, retail, tourism, leisure, culture, business investment and growth, and for housing and access to services.

The development of the economic development investment plans is being led by each of the town councils and local stakeholders, working with an independent consultancy (Rose Regeneration Limited).

The investment plan for each market town will set out a vision for growth and opportunities to enable economic development, and will identify potential investment projects to deliver this. The projects will include short (2-5 years), medium (5-10 years), and long term (10 years +), with each project supported by a business case identifying the likely timeline, costs, and potential benefits.

Each of the plans will also include an analysis of likely sources of investment funding - including council, opportunities for grant funding, or external institutional funding.

It is anticipated that the market town investment plans will be finalised by the end of September 2021 and will be approved by Cabinet in the autumn.