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Information on how coronavirus is affecting our services across the county and the latest updates

Covid-19 - Guidance for landlords and tenants

In June 2020 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government issued a guidance document for landlords and tenants in the private and social rented sectors in England.

The purpose of the guidance is to help landlords and tenants understand the implications of the Coronavirus Act 2020.
It covers the following subjects:

Rent, mortgage payments and notices seeking possession

  • The Act will mean that, until 30 September 2020, most landlords will not be able to start possession proceedings unless they have given their tenants three-months’ notice. Landlords can choose to give more than this three months’ notice.

Court action on housing possession cases during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

  • The government has announced the suspension of housing possession cases in the courts – this affects new or existing claims for possession for a 90 day period from 27 March 2020.
  • The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government are strongly advising landlords not to commence new notices seeking possession during this challenging time without a very good reason to do so. It is essential that we work together in these unprecedented circumstances to keep each other safe.

Repairs, maintenance and health and safety

  • The purpose of this advisory guidance is to support landlords and tenants in managing property maintenance issues as we move towards an easing of lockdown measures.
  • Tenants have a right to a decent, warm and safe place to live. Where safe to do so, it is in the best interests of both tenants and landlords to ensure that properties are well maintained, kept in good repair and free from hazards. Recent changes to guidance on working safely mean that landlords can now take steps to address wider issues of repairs and safety inspections, provided these are in line with public health advice.

The guidance covers a wide range of different scenarios to help landlords and tenants make decisions about their own circumstances.