What to do if you are homeless

If you are homeless or think you are going to be, we can provide much needed support at what is a frightening and traumatic time. In the current uncertainty due to the coronavirus outbreak many people are worried about losing their homes.

We can advise you of your housing rights and provide advice on any welfare support you can get, including housing benefits. We can also negotiate with your landlord or friends and family to help you stay in your accommodation. We can help you with your housing options so you can secure accommodation that meets your needs.

If you are under 18 and homeless, please call our Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team on 01432 260800 and ask to speak to the duty social worker. Please tell us if you are a care leaver.

Contact us

Despite the current coronavirus outbreak we continue to operate a full service open to the public. While the current government guidance on social distancing remains in place we are unable to offer a face-to-face service but you can call our triage service between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday on:

  • 01432 261546 or 01432 261547

If you are unable to contact us by phone you can email us at housing.enquiry@herefordshire.gov.uk

Homeless emergency out-of-hours

If you are homeless in an emergency and your call is outside of these hours above, call us on 01432 261600

Cold weather

If the temperature is 0 degrees or below Herefordshire Council will look to offer you accommodation overnight. The accommodation is likely to be a B&B and where possible we will book it close to where you have your support network. This provision will be reviewed daily and your Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker will work with you to secure future housing.

If you are without a roof over your head, or have reason to believe you will be on the day or night you call, please speak to the Out of Hours duty Officer, on 01432 261600,  who will be able to discuss your housing options. Each morning your situation will be reviewed by a Rough Sleeper Worker who will work with you to secure future housing options.

How we can help

If you believe that you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please contact us for advice and any assistance we may be able to provide. You can contact us by phone or email, details of which are above. You may only need advice, but where you need more than that a caseworker will be allocated to you. If you need to provide evidence of your situation your caseworker will discuss with you how this can be provided.

If you have a housing need you can register with Home Point which will enable you to bid for available social housing properties. As an alternative, we may be able to help you secure private rented accommodation that is suitable and affordable. Where possible we will help you find accommodation in an area of your choice, or as close as possible. We may need to find you temporary accommodation - somewhere you can stay in the short-term while you look for somewhere more permanent to live, or while we decide how best we can help you. Temporary accommodation could be anywhere in the county and could even be elsewhere if nothing is available locally.

We always try to help everyone in the best way possible, but if you are unhappy with any decision we have made about your application or the housing you have been offered, you can have our decision reviewed. You must ask for this to happen within 21 days of being told our decision. You can ask the Citizen's Advice Bureau to help you do this.