Affordable home ownership

We offer advice and support if you are trying to get a foot on the home ownership ladder, but cannot afford market prices.

Affordable home ownership options can help you buy a home suitable for your needs. To qualify for any of the options you must:

  • Be unable to afford to purchase a home on the open market
  • Have a household income of less than £60,000

You can see the full range of options available on the Help to Buy Midlands website, which include the Help to Buy: Equity Loan Scheme and Help to Buy: Shared ownership

How to apply for low cost market housing

  1. Once the property is advertised make contact with the developer or email
  2. An application pack will be emailed to you - complete the forms and return all relevant documents
  3. Once we've received all the documents, an affordability assessment will be completed and the local connection verified
  4. We will then tell you if you have been successful or not
  5. If you are successful, your application will be confirmed with the developer and you can start the purchase process with the developer

For more information or advice, email or call us on 01432 260300.