Social housing

Herefordshire Council do not own or manage any homes, having carried out a transfer of its entire housing stock to Herefordshire Housing Ltd in 2001 and is now Connexus. All social housing, also known as affordable housing, is owned and managed by housing associations operating in the county.

Housing associations

The main housing associations that own stock in Herefordshire are:

If you would like to apply to register for housing in Herefordshire, please visit the Home Point website to complete an online application.

Home Point Herefordshire

Home Point Herefordshire is a choice-based lettings agency that was set up in partnership between Herefordshire Council and the main housing associations in Herefordshire. Home Point holds the central register for people in need of affordable rented homes in the county. You can find more information on finding a home, housing options and how it works on the Home Point website. All applicants must complete a housing options assessment as the first step to getting advice and assistance with finding accommodation. The assessment will provide you with options that might be suitable for you as an alternative to affordable housing, which is in short supply within the county.

Five steps to finding an affordable home

  1. Visit the Home Point website
  2. Complete the housing options assessment
  3. Follow up the action plan suggested by housing options assessment
  4. If eligible, make an application to register on the affordable housing register and provide the supporting documentation
  5. Once registered, bid for available rented housing

If the assessment shows you are eligible you will be asked to complete a full application on the Home Point site and to supply evidence to support your application. Once your application has been accepted and you are registered, you will be able to apply for affordable rented housing on the register.