Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund

In August 2017, Herefordshire Council secured £5 million from the Department for Transport's local highways maintenance challenge fund (view our challenge fund bid documents). This will enable the council to support economic growth in the region by investing in transport routes leading to Herefordshire's Skylon Park Enterprise Zone - a world-class business hub hosting in excess of 200 companies.

The road maintenance works will include a specific focus on the Midlands Connect strategic economic corridors. These comprise of the A4103 Hereford to Worcester road, the A465 Hereford to Abergavenny road and the A438 Hereford to Brecon road.

The £5 million of government funding will be supplemented by £3 million from Herefordshire Council's own capital programme. The scheme is set to improve the condition of the above A roads through a combination of resurfacing, surface dressing and carriageway rejuvenation which will be carried out by our contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places.

This funding follows an additional investment of £20 million into local roads by Herefordshire Council between 2014 - 2016.

Resurfacing works

Phase 1 of the resurfacing works is complete and projects in phase 2 were completed in August 2018 on the A438, A4103 and A465. The third phase of the Challenge Fund works along different stretches of the A438 and A4103 are taking place in August 2019.

Third and final phase of Challenge Fund works will improve A4103 and A438

Works to improve the A4103 and A438 in Herefordshire will take place during the last two weeks of August.

Four stretches of the A4103 Hereford to Worcester road will be resurfaced between August 19 and 29, together with four stretches of the A438 Hereford to Brecon Road between August 19 and 30.

The work, which will further improve these strategic routes across Herefordshire, is the last of three-years of improvements funded as a result of the council's successful bid to the DfT's Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund.

Work will take place using a mixture of day and night-time closures or temporary traffic lights. In total, parts of the A4103 will be closed for four days and three nights and the A438 for a total of nine days and six nights.

No work will take place at weekends or on the August Bank Holiday Monday and any changes to the programme will be updated on the council's social media channels, primarily Twitter via @HfdsStreets.

The sections of planned work are detailed below.‚Äč


Castle Farm to Lower Cotts

A4103 from C1148 to the Grove Farm Road, Yarkhill (Weston Beggard), day-time closure (9am – 5pm) from August 19-22 (four days).

Pink House

A4103 from Moorend Wychend Road to Grove Farm Road, Lower Eggleton, (Yarkhill), night-time closure (8pm-6am) on August 27th (one night).

Near Shucknall Spout

A4103 from Pomona Lane to C1148 Shucknall, (Shucknall), night-time closure (8pm-6am) August 28-29 (two nights).

A4103 Withington Right turn – Bartestree. Work under temporary traffic lights, between 9am-5pm on August 23 (one day). No closure but expect some delays.


Weir Gardens to Marsh Court

A438 from Marsh Court Access to Kings Acre Road, Swainshill, (Swainshill), night-time closure (8pm-6am), August 21st – 23rd (three nights).

Willersley Junction to Red Ley

A438 from Kinley Lane to Greystone House via Willersley (Letton), day-time closure ( 9am-5pm), August 19th–30th (9 days).

Staunton on Wye Junction

A438 from C1185 to Portway, Staunton on Wye (Staunton on Wye) night- time closure (8pm-6am), August 30 (one night).

Swainshill to Kenchester Turn

The A438 from Marsh Court Access to Kings Acre road, Swainshill, night-time closure (8pm-6am) from August 19, (two nights).