Highway maintenance plan

As the highway authority for all public roads (other than trunk roads and motorways) in the county, Herefordshire Council has a variety of statutory duties. Our highway maintenance plan sets out these duties and the minimum standard of service that will be delivered to ensure that these duties are fulfilled. The plan has been developed based upon national guidance and best practice, particularly Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure. The highway maintenance plan ensures that we follow national good practice in dealing with policy, strategy and operations of the highway maintenance service, which is a stated objective in the local transport plan.

The plan also details how the council will deal with issues that arise relating to the highway, such as licencing, controlling abnormal loads and adoptions. The plan has specific appendices covering:

  1. Network hierarchies
  2. Public rights of way
  3. Structures
  4. Highway drainage
  5. NRSWA
  6. Adoption of highways
  7. Licencing
  8. Winter service
  9. Street lighting, signals and signs
  10. Road markings
  11. Skid resistance
  12. Safety barriers
  13. Trees, shrubs and hedges
  14. Verges and highway vegetation
  15. Parish lengthsman

Specific maintenance programmes are compiled annually based upon the council's asset management approach. This is detailed in the transport asset management plan and asset lifecycle plans that cover specific maintenance strategies for the council's major highway assets, these can be found on the Highway asset management page.