Sell to Herefordshire Council

Each year, we buy around £130m of products and services. These can range from road salt and CCTV equipment, through to adult social care and child fostering services.
Our contracts register will give you a better idea of the kinds of products and services we currently buy.

Current contracts for tender

We list all our contract opportunities on our electronic procurement portal Supplying the South West. Registering on the portal will keep you informed of relevant opportunities as they arise and enable you to bid for a tender. On the portal you can:

  • View all our advertised tender opportunities
  • Register for free
  • Express interest in relevant tender events
  • Submit tender responses electronically

Anyone can bid on 'open' tenders. New businesses will be expected to demonstrate their competence and financial stability. Those bidding on 'restricted' tenders will need to complete a Selection Questionnaire (SQ), which we will use to draw up a short list of the best-qualified potential suppliers. We will send you full instructions on how to do so, along with a pricing schedule, a detailed specification, our terms and conditions and the criteria we will use to evaluate your bid.

For contracts under £50,000 we will ask at least three companies to tender. For contracts larger than this we will go through a formal tendering process. When the value of the goods or services we buy is more than £164,176 or £4,104,394 for works contracts, we follow EU Procurement Directives so the process is fair and transparent for any supplier from the EU.

How bids are evaluated

We award tenders under standard terms and conditions depending on whether it is a low-value contract of up to £50,000, or a high-value contract above £50,000. Bids are often evaluated by teams of specialists who review particular aspects of it, like finance or technical and a score is given to each bid based on a common set of criteria and guiding principles. So we can better evaluate your bid, we may ask you to give a presentation or attend an interview. We may even need to do an on-site assessment. We always look for the best balance of quality and price. We monitor all contractors and their sub-contractors to make sure they comply with the performance criteria agreed.

If your bid is not successful, we can give feedback on what were its strongest and weakest aspects and potential areas for improvement. You can also tell us about your experience of our tendering process.

You can find out more from our commercial services team. Call 01432 260172 or email