How to submit a tender

Our tender documents formally set out the detailed requirements of the work we want done. You may also want to review the Herefordshire Council County Plan and Working Well Together: Herefordshire Compact to help you complete your bid. For contracts with a total value in excess of the relevant UK procurement thresholds you will be asked to complete a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) so we can see if you have the experience and capacity required.

A SQ will ask you for:

  • Basic details of your company, so we know who you are and what you do
  • References from previous clients who can confirm your experience and competence
  • Appropriate insurances to protect us should something go wrong
  • Financial information about your business so we know you are solvent and have the financial resilience to complete the job
  • Social value and sustainability evidence. This shows any additional benefits that come for working with you
  • Equal opportunity compliance, so that we can be sure you are not discriminating against your staff or suppliers
  • Health and safety policies that show your company provides a good working environment for employees. You can find out more at the Health and Safety Executive's website

Any other information we may require under Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Whem submitting your bid, please:

  • Read carefully through all parts of the tender document and ask for clarification if anything is unclear to ensure your bid meets our requirements
  • Understand how we will evaluate your tender so you can make your bid as focused and comprehensive as possible
  • Be aware of tender deadlines, especially if you need input from sub-contractors
  • Watch out for any amendments we may post that change the scope of the tender
  • Make your bid both concise and positive. We want to know what you would do, not what you might do

We can give feedback on your bid if it is not successful. You can also give us feedback on your experience of our tendering process.