The planning team provide a number of services related to the planning process.

Pre-planning advice

All information related to planning and the application process can be found on the planning portal website. If you would like more specific advice, you can pay for pre-planning advice from the planning team, which helps provide the likelihood of granting permission, any related issues and recommended actions to take.

Planning applications

You can view planning applications on our planning application webpage. If you require more specific pre-planning advice, you can find more information on the planning portal website or you can apply to receive pre-planning advice, at a charge. You can also track your planning application and decision online through the planning portal.

Planning enforcement

Herefordshire Council is responsible for planning enforcement across the county. Failure to comply with planning permission or building regulation requirements can result in large fines or imprisonment. We employ enforcement officers to investigate complaints of unauthorised development and non-compliance with conditions.

Planning searches

You can choose whether to conduct your own search without support, or pay for a full search of planning history covering all planning applications dating back to 1948 on a site. All documents are made available for review at the Hereford Centre, Franklin House, Hereford.

You can receive general advice on the planning application process, view the statutory planning register and access planning history searches at the Hereford Centre at Franklin House, Hereford. Hereford customer service centre opening hours are:

  • Monday to Wednesday 10am to 4.15pm
  • Thursday 10am to 4pm
  • Friday 10am to 4.15pm