Report a treasure or archaeological find

The Portable Antiquities Scheme helps administer the Treasure Act alongside the Coroners Service. The Treasure Act replaced Treasure Trove in 1996 and since then many thousands of artefacts have been declared Treasure nationally.

Under the Treasure Act 1996, you must report the following as possible Treasure finds:

  • Groups of coins
  • Gold or silver items that are over 300 years old
  • Prehistoric artefacts made of base metals

For further information, visit the Treasure Act page of the Portable Antiquities Scheme's website.

Ian Bass, Portable Antiquities Finds Liaison Officer, is currently working through a backlog of finds recording, but will be available for new enquiries in due course.

However, any Treasure items should still be reported to Ian or Susheela Burford

The museums services offer an identification service for finds or other items of historical interest. Please contact the Museums Resource and Learning Centre on 01432 383383 or email