Equality and diversity is key in building a diverse, competent workforce, excellent people-centred services and promoting the general well-being of Herefordshire's communities and people. It lies at the very heart of all we do in employing people, providing services to people and in shaping the place we live and work.

Our PEOPLE values shape and underpin our work. Treating all members of our communities fairly, with compassion, respect and dignity is a key principle.

We are opposed to discrimination and harassment and are determined to do everything we can to make sure that:

  • People are treated fairly
  • Everyone has access to good quality public services
  • All of Herefordshire's diverse communities take part in shaping the future of the county

We are committed to promoting equality and justice both for the people we serve and the people we employ. Our equality policy and objectives set out how we will do this.

Our ambition to achieve equality for the people of Herefordshire is not merely driven by legal requirements, it is intrinsic to the way we think and plan for now and the future. The information on these pages helps to guide our work and decision-making.