Polling station inspectors

Polling station inspectors undertake a vital role on polling day in ensuring that the poll runs smoothly. Similar to the role of polling station staff, you will be on duty for the duration of the polling hours and will be required to visit polling places and carry out inspections/duties as directed by the Returning Officer during polling day.  You may also be asked to receipt ballot boxes after the close of poll at one of the collection points in your area.  

To become a polling station Inspector, you must have previous experience as a presiding officer.

Polling station inspector fee

  • £226 daily fee
  • £5 for use of mobile phone
  • £0.45p per mile for travel expenses
  • Compulsory online or face-to-face training is required for this role and the fee will be stated upon appointment depending on the format of the training

All polling station inspector fees are subject to tax unless stated otherwise.