Count staff

Staff can be employed to work at the verification of votes, the counting of votes, or both (if taking place on the same day). Verification usually takes place after the polls close (10pm on polling day), with the actual counting of votes either later that evening, or the following working day.

Staff are employed to verify and count the votes cast from the polling stations, together with the postal votes which have been received in the run-up to polling day. These roles require high levels of concentration and accuracy and staff are typically required to work through the night from 9.30pm onwards.

Other auxiliary roles are also available at the count assisting with the incoming polling station kit.

Counting assistant and count postal vote opening clerk fees

  • £17 per hour (evening count)
  • £13 per hour (daytime count)

Archiving assistant, table supervisor assistant and runner fees

  • £20 per hour (evening count)
  • £16 per hour (daytime count)

Table supervisor, zone supervisor, count postal vote opening supervisor and team leader fees

  • £25 per hour (evening count)
  • £20 per hour (daytime count)
  • Compulsory face-to-face training is required for these roles and the fee will be stated upon appointment

All count fees are subject to tax unless stated otherwise.