Pension scheme

The Returning Officer is required by law to provide a workplace pension for certain staff and pay money into it.

The Returning Officer must enroll any staff who meet all of the following criteria:

  • You earn over £192 per week (or £833 per month)
  • You are aged 22 or over and
  • You are under state pension age

If you don’t meet the criteria, you won’t become a member of the scheme automatically, but if in the future you do, we will enroll you into the scheme and let you know. If you don’t meet the criteria you can also ask to join the scheme now or in the future. To join the scheme, now or in the future, tell us in writing by sending a letter which has to be signed by you. Or if you send us an email, please include the phrase, ‘I confirm I personally submitted this notice to join a workplace pension scheme.’

If you meet the criteria and are automatically enrolled to the pension scheme, you will be sent a letter giving you the option to opt out.

We have chosen NEST as our workplace pension scheme. Further details can be found on the NEST website