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On this page you can search a map of Herefordshire Council's properties. The strategic asset management team maintain a list of council establishments covering both land and buildings, which includes corporate buildings, schools, leisure facilities, social care establishments, car parks, commercial properties and agricultural smallholdings.

You can search for establishments by property name, ward, parish or from a list of classifications. The properties will then be displayed on an interactive map.

In this case an 'establishment' is defined as any property which is owned or occupied by Herefordshire Council. This includes commercial leases and property that we lease in support of service delivery. Other establishments include land and buildings that we use under the terms of a licence or agreement or where we have a management responsibility.

Please note that this is not a definitive list of council ownership. If you need to find out if the council owns a piece of land please contact the terrier officer on 01432 383362 or email Find out more on the land ownership enquiry page.

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