One of Herefordshire Council's most important roles is helping to protect the people of Herefordshire from threats to their safety and health. These are some of the areas that we focus on.

Community Risk Register: Our Community Risk Register has been developed in partnership with all the organisations needed to prepare for and respond to any major emergency in the area. It provides information on the greatest risks that may occur together with an assessment of how likely they are to happen and the impacts if they do,

Flooding: Flooding is a major risk to Herefordshire. We take a multi-agency approach to tackling flooding emergencies within the county, so we are continually looking at how we can prevent flooding in the first place, and to respond as effectively as possible when it occurs.

Health: We work with the NHS and local GPs so that we are as prepared as possible for events that could range from minor disease outbreaks to pandemic influenza.

Community resilience: Local community knowledge and resources can be of great help during incidents and emergencies, which is why we encourage Town and Parish councils to get involved with our Community Resilience Programme.

Business continuity management: If you can anticipate potential risks to your business and work out your response to them, your company will recover much faster from disruptive events such as a fire, cyber attack or flood. We can advise local organisations on where to find appropriate advice.

Voluntary support: Properly co-ordinated voluntary sector support can be of great help during emergencies. To find out how your organisation could play its part, call Ian Baker, Emergency Planning Officer, Community Resilience on 01432 260223 or email

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For more information, contact the Emergency Planning team on 01432 260000 or email