In an emergency

Always put the safety of yourself and your family first. Dial 999 if you are or somebody else is in immediate danger and need rescuing. With most major incidents the safest place to be is inside, where you should stay for as long as necessary. Listen to local radio to find out what is going on, as they will have the latest, most accurate information available from us. They will also broadcast any helpline or emergency numbers we have set up.

If a major incident happens:

  • GO inside
  • STAY inside
  • TUNE IN to local radio

In case of a fire in a building you are in:

  • Get OUT
  • Stay OUT
  • Get the fire brigade OUT. Dial 999

In case of firearms or weapons attacks:

Stay Safe
RUN to a place of safety…
HIDE if there's nowhere to go…
TELL West Mercia Police by calling 999.

Stay informed

You should only trust social media feeds from official sources. In Herefordshire, these include:

Facebook accounts

Twitter handles

Local FM radio stations that may circulate information:

  • BBC Hereford and Worcester
    94.7/104/104.6 FM
    Phone: 01905 748485
  • Free Radio
    96.7/97.6/102.8 FM
    Phone: 01905 746644
  • Sunshine Radio
    106.2/107/107.8 FM
    Phone: 01432 264847