Getting the county to net zero

Herefordshire Council aims to accelerate a reduction of emissions across the county, aspiring to be carbon neutral by 2030/31.

The pie chart shows a breakdown of emissions in the county. Herefordshire Council has direct control over just 1% of the emissions. Although we can influence some of the other 99%, everyone in Herefordshire needs to work together to tackle the climate emergency.

Piechart showing council and county carbon emissions for 2017; Herefordshire Council 1%;

(Data from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. It does not include land use, land-use change, and forestry.)

Based on the chart above, a more detailed breakdown of the key areas that we will address includes:

  • Housing and built environment - including improving existing and new homes
  • Energy
  • Transport - including walking, cycling, public transport and ultra-low emission vehicles
  • Agriculture and land use
  • Food - including production, consumption and food waste
  • Community engagement - schools, parish councils and community action

Read more about what we've done so far in Our progress towards net zero.

Climate Emergency Steering Group

The new countywide Climate Emergency Steering Group was set up in 2019 and is working collaboratively to develop an action plan to get Herefordshire to net zero carbon by 2030. The group includes representatives from environment, business and community sectors including Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, Hereford Green Network, Extinction Rebellion and Herefordshire Council.

Contact us with your climate change feedback

We're keen to hear your ideas for reducing emissions or other ways to help get the council and county to net zero. Please email us your suggestions:

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