Your Pathway Plan

A Pathway Plan is a care plan for young people leaving care between the ages of 16 and 21. It sets out the help and support you will need as you move from being in care to living independently and making plans for your future.

Your Pathway Plan will start with an assessment of all the different areas in your life. This can include: why you are in care, your family, where you live, school, work or college, your friends and relationships, your finances, your hobbies and interests, your health, your identity, your skills in looking after yourself and what you want in the future. We will then agree a plan to help you achieve the goals we agree together.

It’s important to remember that first and foremost the Pathway Plan is your plan. You should be able to write some of it yourself and you should always receive a copy. It should be written in language that you understand and you can ask for changes to be made to your plan if you don’t understand it.

Your Pathway Plan needs to be updated every six months or if something big changes. The 16+ team manager will read and agree your plan.

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