Museum schools service - community loans boxes

Hands-on opportunities to explore the past

Hereford Museum has a range of themed boxes available for use by schools. Each box contains many objects that are suitable for reminiscence, study or simply exploring a topic.

Boxes available

Old Toys – from Lego to puppets - did you own any of these toys?
Old toys and books from the past
Tea On the Table – tea time items to jog the memory

old fashioned kettle, teapot, butter dish, tea caddy

Childhood – long forgotten objects

Childhood memorabilia from the Museum Learning collection

WW2 On the Home Front – mend and make do

Items from the Home Front, WW2, old newspaper, ration book

Baking – utensils we used to use

Baking memorabilia from the Museum Learning collection

WW2 A Long Way from Home – the tough life of a soldier

Travel memorabilia from the Museum Learning collection

Mystery Objects – a bit of everything!

Mystery object from the Museum Learning collection

Scrubs Up Well – fun exploration of personal hygiene from the past

Items for washing, from the past

Dolls – Six gorgeous handmade dolls in historical costume

Collection of rag dolls dressed to show period costume

Fossils – plants and creatures older than the museum

Fossils from the Museum Learning collection

A Right Royal Box – a celebration of C20th royalty

Collection of royal memorabilia including toy corgi, coronation mug, doll dressed as Queen Victoria

Book your box

There is a fee of £50 for each loan for up to a maximum of one month.

When you have selected a box please contact us:

All staff work part-time and they will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Please book your collection or return and leave up to 20 minutes for collection and return as objects need to be checked and counted.

Collection and return is from the Museum Resource and Learning Centre, 58 Friars Street, Hereford, HR4 0AS (not the museum in Broad Street).