Caring for teenagers

Can you remember being a teenager? All the scary and exciting things you didn't tell your parents, feeling insecure and like nobody understood you and deciding what to do with your future! Young people often need help to deal with their feelings, have a good time with family and friends and to stay healthy and safe. It can be a difficult time.

There are practical things to consider too like managing money, how to cook and skills to enable them to live by themselves. Think back to when you were getting ready to leave home; were you ready, who helped you? Teenagers need stable people and a place they can stay while they grow into adults.

Some of our young people don't have the family network that you might have had or that you provide for your children. You can help by being the role model young people need to help them make sense of the world.

There's often a perception that teenagers are difficult to look after, but with the right support and training, foster carers can have a positive influence and build a great relationship. We offer a great rate of pay and fantastic training and support, including access to other experienced foster carers; so you'll never be alone.

Supported lodgings

Young people often aren't ready to live on their own and need additional support with becoming independent, especially if they've lived in care or have been homeless. Supported lodgings provide a safe place for them to live while they build their confidence and learn about living as an adult.

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Herefordshire Intensive Placement Support Service (HIPSS)

Herefordshire Intensive Placement Support Service (HIPSS) is a therapeutic fostering service, helping children and young people with complex needs who have experienced significant trauma in their lives. It provides them with an opportunity to overcome adversity and have the chance to form stable and secure relationships with their carers and learn to be a child again.

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