Disabled children's social care referral criteria

There are many disabled children in Herefordshire. To ensure the families most in need receive appropriate help, the council uses eligibility criteria to determine whether assessment by the disabled children's social care team is appropriate.  

Criteria for eligibility for an assessment

The Children with Disabilities (CWD) Team will offer an assessment where both the following criteria apply:

  • The child has a substantial, long lasting, permanent physical and/or learning disability or a life limiting, life threatening condition, which has been diagnosed by a doctor or consultant
  • As a result of their disability, the child requires support that is substantially greater than would normally be expected for his/her chronological age

See the Criteria for an assessment for a service from the children with disabilities social care team.

A social worker uses the factors in the resource assessment matrix as part of the child and family assessment to decide if your child is eligible for specialist services.


In the context of the above criteria for referral, the disabled children’s social care team does not work with children whose main issues focus primarily around their emotional/behavioural development or whose main need for support is connected primarily to a mental health need. These needs are best met by other services working with the child and their family.

Safeguarding concerns

If there are safeguarding concerns regarding a disabled child, please follow our safeguarding procedure and, if deemed necessary, a referral needs to be made to the multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH): 

  • Call:  01432 260800  

Request an assessment for disability services for your child

If you believe that your child meets the criteria for assessment for the disabled children’s social care team you can ask another professional involved with your child to make a referral or you can contact the team’s duty worker:

If your child does not meet the criteria for the disabled children’s social care team, the team’s duty worker will provide you with advice and guidance regarding other support and services.

Professionals requesting an assessment

Professionals who believe that a child meets the criteria and requires specialist short-breaks or services, should refer via the CWD referral form.