Introduction to disabled children's social care

The social care and services which we offer disabled children form one part of the full range of the health and wellbeing services available to support children with disabilities. Activities, services and aids offered through the Talk Community Directory complement the assessed services Herefordshire Council is able to offer to children and young people who meet the referral criteria in the county.

Referral for assessment for services is usually suggested and made by a professional involved with your child's care, such as a GP, teacher or social worker. But you can also request a referral by contacting the children's social care team using the contact details below if you think that your child is eligible, and would like to talk to a member of the team for advice and support.

Whether or not your child is eligible for council services, you will find many activities, services and support groups on the Talk Community Directory website, which form part of the county's Local offer for children with disabilities and SEND.

Contact disabled children's social care team

Address: For immediate safeguarding concerns call: 01432 260800

For assessment and information please:

Telephone: 01432 261584

Send Email