Buy business waste sacks

You can buy business waste sacks online and collect them from one of our libraries or from Blueschool House in Hereford during limited opening hours. Please allow 24 hours from purchase before coming to collect.

Order business waste sacks

Your Duty of Care

You will receive a Duty of Care form with confirmation of your purchase of sacks. This is a legal document. Therefore, the purchase of sacks must be made by someone in authority at your business or organisation. It is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase.

You will need to keep this document for two years and have it available to show to an enforcement officer if they request it, to demonstrate that you are legally entitled to use this business waste service.

Business waste sacks collection - Hereford City centre

As a business you have a duty of care to ensure any waste you produce is stored safely and securely. You should do everything you reasonably can to prevent it from escaping, including when you put your blue business waste sacks out for collection.

The easiest way to do this is to use a seagull-proof sack. Seagull-proof sacks are reusable heavy duty bags designed to keep your blue business waste sacks safe from seagulls and other vermin before it is picked up. This prevents the spillage of litter and helps keep the city centre clean.

  • Place your blue business waste sacks in the seagull sacks
  • Put the seagull sacks out at the front of your property on the days and times instructed by the waste management team. Secure the seagull sacks by tying it to your property (for example to a door handle or drainpipe) if possible
  • Crew collect blue business waste sacks
  • Bring your empty seagull sacks back inside as soon as possible
  • Reuse on next collection

We will provide businesses with up to three seagull-proof sacks free of charge.

Order a seagull-proof sack for a Hereford City centre business

If you choose not to use a seagull-proof sack and your waste escapes from the blue sacks onto the street causing litter, Herefordshire Council's Community Protection Team may take enforcement action.