Our business waste and recycling service

We provide a low cost, flexible and responsive business waste collection service throughout the county. This includes different sized bins which can be emptied weekly or fortnightly.

For recycling we only provide a fortnightly collection; businesses can have up to five standard 240 litre bins. In order to set up a recycling service with us you should also have a business waste general rubbish service with Herefordshire Council.

If bins are not suitable we offer prepaid business waste sacks for both non-recyclable and recyclable waste which you can buy online.

Our bin prices are per bin per lift. Prepaid business waste sack prices are per roll.

Waste management charges for waste collection services from 1 April 2024

We offer free advice on all aspects of business waste, including collection, and container suitability and location.

Business/trade waste prices

Bin capacity
Bin dimensions (mm)
(width x depth x height)
Cost Collection only charge, if eligible
(charity shops, LA maintained
schools and academies)
General rubbish      
11001 1370 x 1115 x1470 £20.67 £12.63
Chamberlain   £18.98 £11.76
6601 1370 x 780 x 1250 £14.62 £8.91
360  670 x 880 x 1115 £9.64 £7.61
240  585 x 740 x 1100 £7.71 £5.94
Business waste sacks - 50 sacks   £102.98 £59.03
Business waste sacks - 25 sacks   £56.34 £33.91
240 recycling 585 x 740 x 1100 £3.49 £1.97
Recycling sacks - 50 sacks   £66.99  £38.39
Bin delivery   £32.97 £32.97
Bin removal   £64.98 £64.98

1Measurements are not exact. Please allow +10mm for variation.

Duty of care Cost
Paper copy £17.37
Electronic copy £5.07

Other recycling services

There is a range of waste management companies within Herefordshire which may be able to offer your business a more suitable service than ourselves. We recommend that you do some research and always ask to see their waste carriers licence and check that they are going to take your waste to a permitted waste treatment/disposal facility. You can check a waste licence on the public register of waste carriers.

How to apply for a business waste bin collection

Apply for a business waste collection

You will need to have the following information to hand:

  • Your name and that of your business
  • The address where we will collect the bin from
  • Your phone number and email address
  • An invoice address, if this is different from the company address
  • Your type of business, for example, greengrocer, newsagent, hairdresser
  • What type of waste you want collected
  • Approximately how many bins you need
  • How often you want them collected

Business waste collection terms and conditions

Business waste privacy notice

Business recycling service guide

What happens next?

We will carry out a risk assessment with our business waste contractor. Once this is done, we will send you a contract and direct debit form and ask you to complete a duty of care form. This will be in the form of a prefilled email form at a charge of £5.07, or a paper form at a charge of £17.37. When we receive the completed documents and have been notified that edoc has been completed, we will arrange your first collection and for the bins to be delivered.

Waste contact details

Telephone: 01432 260051