Business waste - your responsibilities

What is business waste?

Business waste is any waste that is produced by a commercial activity, including one run from your home. The law classifies this waste as commercial or industrial waste and you are required to make suitable arrangements for this waste to be stored and disposed of safely and lawfully.

This waste must not be disposed of using the services provided for households.

It includes waste from construction, demolition, industry and agriculture but also includes waste from:

  • Holiday homes
  • Camp sites
  • Charities clubs and societies
  • Any part of your home used for a commercial/business activity
  • Food and drinks waste from any part of a business premises
  • Waste from rented properties collected by the landlord or agent
  • Waste produced at a household by builders, painters and decorators, and other contractors
  • Waste from home businesses, such as childminding, accountancy, salons, catering and dog grooming

Your responsibilities

If you produce commercial or industrial waste you have a duty of care to store and dispose of your waste responsibly. You should:

  • Keep waste to a minimum by doing everything you can to:
    • Prevent - Make every effort to reduce your waste wherever possible
    • Reuse - Do whatever you can to reuse waste from your business
    • Recycle - Ensure you are making every effort to recycle any waste your business produces. You can research local recycling options to find a service that meets your needs
  • Sort and store waste safely and securely. You should do everything you reasonably can to prevent it from escaping

If you are unsure about your waste responsibilities have a look at our Business waste guide or see the government guidance on how to dispose of business and commercial waste.