Car park season tickets

We issue annual, quarterly and monthly season tickets for some car parks in Hereford, Kington, Ledbury, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye.

You can also purchase off peak season tickets which can be used in all Herefordshire council car parks.

A season ticket doesn't guarantee you a space, but will save you money if you use the car parks every day - and you don't have to buy a pay and display ticket.

How to apply for a car park season ticket

All our season tickets, other than those for East Street, Nelson Street and off peak season tickets, are provided by RingGo and you can purchase your ticket online below or you can download the RingGo app from your app store.

Location name/zone name
for example Bath Street
Area name 
for example Hereford
RingGo location code

Season ticket
monthly + £1.68 RingGo fee

Season ticket
quarterly +£2.40 RingGo fee
ticket annually +£3.84 RingGo fee

Bath Street


Hereford 85980 £128 £336 £1248
Bus Station Hereford 85981 £128 £336 £1248
Garrick multi- storey Hereford 85983 £128 £336 £1248
Greyfriars Hereford 85984 £128 £336 £1248
Merton Meadow Hereford 85993 £80 £210 £780
St Martins 1 Hereford 85985 £80 £210 £780
St Martins 2 overflow Hereford 85986 £80 £210 £780
Union Walk Hereford 85987 £128 £336 £1248
Venns Close Hereford 85988 £128 £336 £1248
Wye Street Hereford 85989 £128 £336 £1248
Mill Street Kington 85575 n/a £60 £240
Bridge Street Ledbury 85576 £40 £105 £390
Lawnside Road Ledbury 85578 £69 £180 £670
St Katherines Ledbury 85579 £112 £294 £1092
Broad Street Leominster 85580 £50 £130 £470
Dishley Street Leominster 85583 £50 £130 £470
Etnam Street Leominster 85584 £72 £189 £702
Corn Exchange Ross-on-Wye 85585 £96 £252 £936
Crossfields Ross-on-Wye 85586 £96 £252 £936
Edde Cross Street Ross-on-Wye 85587 £40 £105 £390
Kings Acre upper Ross-on-Wye 85590 £40 £105 £390
Kings Acre lower Ross-on-Wye 85589 £40 £105 £390
Kyrle Street Ross-on-Wye 85591 £40 £105 £390
Red Meadow Ross-on-Wye 85592 £96 £252 £936
Wilton Road Ross-on-Wye 85594 £20 £45 £160

Getting a RingGo season ticket online

  • Click the button below
  • Register on the site for an account then go to My account
  • On a mobile select Book parking from the ribbon at the bottom of your screen; on a computer select Parking>Book parking>Book a parking session
  • Type the location code number you need from the table above and select it
  • Choose duration will allow you to choose time on a single day or to buy a season ticket for one of the periods of time available at that car park. The price displayed includes a booking fee
  • Select Next to pay. Your season ticket will start straight away

Apply and pay online for a season ticket

  • Call: 01432 817157 (charged at local call rate)

Once you have processed your season ticket with Ringo you will not need to display anything in your vehicle from the date it starts. Our enforcement officers will be able to see you have paid.

Please do not park until your parking session is active.

Read the parking privacy notice.

For help with season ticket applications or to change a vehicle number plate during the term of a season ticket please contact Parking services:

East Street and Nelson Street parking permits

Ringo is unable to offer season tickets for East Street, Nelson Street.

For further information about East Street and Nelson Street season tickets:

  • Telephone 01432 260315 (option 2). Phone lines are open: Monday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 4pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
  • Email:

Off peak season tickets

You can purchase off peak season tickets using the link below. Off peak season tickets can be used in all Herefordshire Council car parks between 5pm and 9am except:

  • East Street
  • Friars Street
  • Maylord Orchards
  • Nelson Street
  • Shirehall
  • Town Hall

Off peak season tickets cost £75 per year or £25 per quarter. From 3 April 2023 tickets will cost £90 per year or £35 per quarter.

Apply and pay online for off peak season ticket

To find out more contact us:

  • Telephone 01432 260315 (option 2). Phone lines are open: Monday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 4pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
  • Email: