Parking for motorcycles, coaches, motorhomes or lorries

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Motorcycles can be parked in any of our council car parks.

If your motorcycle is parked within a designated motorcycle bay, you do not have to pay for parking.

If your motorcycle is parked in a space for cars, you will need to pay to park.



The main dropping off point for visitors and tourists is the coach bay on Broad Street, close to Hereford Cathedral.

The following car parks are suitable for coach parking in Hereford:

Merton Meadow car park is north of the river. There are no marked bays but this is a large car park where there is generally room for coaches. This car park is adjacent to the Hereford United football ground and you should use this car park if you are bringing football supporters.

St Martins car park is just south of the river and quite close to the dropping off point for tourists and visitors to the city. It has four bays marked out specifically for coaches and is adjacent to Hereford Leisure Pool.

Directions from St Martins car park to Broad Street

Turn right out of St Martins car park onto St Martins Street going over the old bridge, follow the road round to the left and ensure you are in the right hand lane at the traffic lights. Turn right onto the A49 (Victoria Street) up to the next set of traffic lights. Proceed to the roundabout where you need to go all the way around heading back on yourself on the A49 towards Ross for around 200 metres, ensure you are now in the left hand lane. Take the second turning on the left into West Street and proceed to the junction with Broad Street, turn right and the coach dropping off/picking up bay is close to the cathedral on the left hand side.

View a map of Hereford car parks and coach dropping off points


There are four marked coach bays on Broad Street car park which is a few minutes away from the town centre.


Red Meadow car park is recommended and has space for up to three coaches in the coach parking area. It is close to the town centre and leisure facilities including the swimming pool.

Coach drivers are advised to use Red Meadow car park if possible.

Ledbury and Kington

There are no coach bays on the car parks.

Motorhomes and caravans

We have a number of car parks in Herefordshire where motorhomes and caravans are allowed to park over two spaces and only purchase one pay and display ticket. The car parks are:


Merton Meadow car park - no parking bay markings.
St Martins 1 car park - designated area.

Height restriction in place at Garrick Multi Storey and Maylord Orchard car parks.


Red Meadow car park - designated area. Note: height barrier closed overnight.

Height restriction in place at Wilton Road and Kings Acre Upper car parks.


Lawnside Road car park - designated area.


Broad Street car park - designated area.


High Street car park - designated area.

If you wish to park your motorhome or caravan in another location, and cannot fit into a single parking bay, please contact parking services on 01432 260974 to get the appropriate advice which may depend on circumstances at that time. You may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice if you park incorrectly.

Where there are marked parking bays (other than those listed above) and your vehicle takes up more than one bay, you should purchase a parking ticket or session for each bay used.



Merton Meadow car park is suitable for lorries to park and stay overnight although there are no on-site facilities.


Broad Street car park is suitable for lorries to park from 6pm to 8am although there are no on-site facilities. The car park does not have any marked lorry bays and is not available for lorries in the day time (8am to 6pm) when it is used mainly by commuters.