Blue Badge application

If you're disabled, have severe mobility problems and have difficulty using public transport, you may qualify for a Blue Badge, which lasts for three years. From 31 August 2019, this also includes people with hidden disabilities including autism and severe mental health conditions.

It's a way you can park close to your destination and travel independently.

We administer the Blue Badge parking scheme for disabled residents in Herefordshire.

If you are applying for or renewing a Blue Badge, you will need to use the online form below.

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge online

If you need support with completing the online application, our customer service team can help. Please book an appointment for support with making a Blue Badge application, by phoning 01432 260433, visiting Blueschool House, or by using the form below.

A member of the customer services team will then contact you. All appointments are at Blueschool House, Hereford.

Book appointment for support with making an online Blue Badge application

Completing your Blue Badge application

Please complete the online form and provide all the documents requested below to support your application. If you are unable to upload your documents at the time you complete the application, you can email them to us at or post them to us at Herefordshire Customer Services, Blue Badge, Blueschool House, Blueschool Street, Hereford HR1 2LX.

If you are renewing your badge, we suggest you apply for your Blue Badge at least eight weeks before it is due to expire.

We will issue the badge within two weeks of receiving your completed application, provided we have all the supporting documents required and we have determined you clearly meet the criteria set out by the Department for Transport. If you do not, your application will be referred for assessment and this can take up to eight weeks.

If you have not completed or provided further information we will contact you to request this and allow you a month to provide it. If you do not provide the information requested within this timescale we will cancel your application and ask you to resubmit a new one.

Evidence you will need to provide

With your application, you will need:

  • An up to date passport sized photograph signed on the back
  • One proof of your address (see list on application form)
  • One proof of your identity (see list on application form)
  • Proof of your automatic eligibility if applying under the eligible without further assessment criteria (see list on application form)
  • Any supporting evidence that would assist the assessment for non-automatic applications if applying under the 'eligible subject to further assessment' criteria. This could be a hospital discharge letter, hospital letters confirming clinics you attend, prescriptions lists or any other documents you feel would support your need for a badge.

Charge for the badge

There is a £10 charge for the Blue Badge. You can send a cheque payable to Herefordshire Council with your application (if your application is unsuccessful, we will refund the charge). Alternatively we will send you a payment link via email or call you and take a card payment if your application is approved

If we need more evidence

If you have not provided sufficient evidence to confirm that you are eligible for a Blue Badge, we will pass your application for further assessment with an independent occupational therapy company called Access Independent

Once your application is passed to Access Independent they will determine whether your application can be assessed without seeing you or whether you need to be seen at a clinic by an occupational therapist. If you need to be seen at clinic, this will be at Plough Lane Offices, Hereford, HR4 0LE and clinics are held monthly. An occupational therapist will undertake an assessment with you at the Plough Lane and will produce a written report to confirm whether you are entitled to a Blue Badge following the guidelines set out by the Department for Transport.

If your application is successful your Blue Badge will be issued within two weeks of your assessment taking place.

How to appeal a Blue Badge decision

If your application is unsuccessful Access Independent will write to you explaining the reasons why. You can appeal against this decision in writing, by providing any further information that you feel should be considered that you haven’t already provided. You need to appeal within 4 weeks of the date on the letter sent to you by Access Independent. You can appeal by writing/emailing to: Hereford Customer Services, Blue Badge Appeals, Blueschool House, Blueschool Street, Hereford, HR1 2LX. If you are unable to provide the additional information within 4 weeks, please contact us to let us know the reasons why and when you expect to provide it.

You can also ask for a copy of your assessment from either Access Independent or the council blue badge team.

The review will then take place within two weeks of you providing all information and documents necessary.

Reapplying after an unsuccessful application or appeal

You may reapply for a Blue Badge six months after your application was refused. However, if you develop another condition which impacts on your mobility during this six month period or your condition deteriorates rapidly, we will consider a new application.

It is a criminal offence to:

  • Use someone else's Blue Badge
  • Drive a vehicle displaying a badge unless the badge holder is a passenger in the vehicle
  • Display a Blue Badge which has expired
  • Display a Blue Badge after you no longer need it

If you do so you are liable for a fine of up to £1,000.

Change the details on your Blue Badge

To update your details complete the form on the government's Blue Badge service page. After clicking on the Start now button, select Report a change that affects my badge.

Privacy notice for Blue Badge applications

Organisations applying for a Blue Badge

An organisation that cares for and transports groups of disabled people who would qualify for a Blue Badge in their own right may apply for an Organisational Blue Badge.

The organisation should:

  • Be using a vehicle specifically adapted for the use of disabled passengers
  • Provide details of the adaptations and if the vehicle is licensed under the Disabled Passenger Vehicle (DPV) taxation class
  • Confirm that the vehicle is solely being used for the purpose of transporting the disabled people being cared for

The organisation will need to provide proof of the above eligibility.

If you feel your organisation would be eligible for a Blue Badge please complete the Organisational Blue Badge application form below. Each vehicle will require a separate application form.

There is a £10 charge when applying for each Blue Badge. Please enclose a cheque payable to Herefordshire Council. If you do not have a cheque book or are emailing your organisation's application, we will call you and take a payment over the telephone.

Please read the privacy notice for Blue Badge applications before submitting a Blue Badge application for an organisation.

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge for an organisation

Please return completed organisational Blue Badge forms:

  • By post to: Blue Badge Section, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE
  • Alternatively, scan and email the application and supporting documents to The team will then contact you for payment.
  • You can hand deliver your application to Blueschool House, Blueschool Street, Hereford, during office hours only which are 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday (please note there is no post facility outside these times)