Call for sites 2017

The consideration of sites for allocation through the Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) is a key part of the plan making process and sites for minerals and waste development may subsequently be allocated following an assessment of their suitability.

Following the first call for locations for aggregate extraction and waste management in 2016, we conducted a second request for site submissions alongside the consultation on the issues and options stage of the emerging MWLP. This is to ensure that we provide sufficient opportunities to allow for future sites to be considered during the plan making process.

Types of sites

In addition to the submission of new sites, we would also like to know about aspirations for existing sites and any proposals to extend your site's operations or to widen the range of operations or facilities. Long term minerals resource areas and any associated storage or transportation facilities will need to be safeguarded e.g. construction aggregates, minerals railheads, aggregate recycling and secondary aggregate processing. For waste this would include; waste composting facilities, agricultural waste treatment facilities, recycling facilities, waste transfer sites and inert landfill (associated with quarry restoration).

Submit a site

We are asking landowners, industry representatives and other parties to submit sites in the site selection process by emailing or posting submissions, with the relevant supporting documents, to Victoria Eaton using the contact details below.

If you have already done so during the first call for sites in 2016, there is no need to do so again as your site is already under consideration.

Call for sites MWLP - submission guidance

All sites
Location plan Location and layout of plant
Ownership information Site access and route to road networks
Transport mode and volumes of movements (annual and daily) Location of ancillary development
Groundwater information Biodiversity, landscape, flooding constraints & opportunities
Hours of operation Proximity to adjacent land uses
Minerals development
Geological resource data (e.g. grading analysis) Geological information
Overburden thickness and types Depth of any proposed working
Boundary of extraction area End use of minerals
Annual output Restoration and after-use arrangements
Waste development
Annual output Waste categories
Wastes sources Estimates of amount of energy/heat yields

More information

Any information submitted will be in the public domain and any sites suggested or brought forward without the agreement of the landowner will not be taken further in the plan making process.

We will consider any sites put forward and those considered suitable will be consulted upon as part of the draft plan submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination. Not all suggested sites will necessarily be selected, but sites considered to be acceptable in planning terms may be included in the MWLP.

Call for sites - contact details

For further information please contact Victoria Eaton (Senior Planning Officer):

  • Email:
  • Tel: 01432 260146 or 01432 260137
  • Forward Planning Team MWLP, Plough Lane, Hereford, HR4 0LE