Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP)

A Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) is being prepared to guide mineral extraction and the management of waste in Herefordshire up to 2041 and beyond. This will replace the saved minerals and waste policies of the Unitary Development Plan.

The MWLP explains the vision, objectives and strategy for minerals and waste planning. It contains detailed policies and locations for future minerals extraction (such as sand and gravel pits or crushed rock quarries) and for the development of waste management facilities (such as recycling centres).

Publication Draft MWLP Consultation (pre-submission stage)

Following consultation on the Draft MWLP and its accompanying evidence base documents in 2019, the responses received have been reviewed and additional work has been undertaken to ensure that all the points raised have been addressed in the Publication Draft version of the MWLP. Alterations have also been made to bring the MWLP and its evidence base documents up to date.

Consultation on the Publication Draft MWLP took place between 12 April 2021 and  24 May 2021.

View the Publication Draft MWLP consultation and related documents