Register a new property name

Please be aware that if your property is numbered then you will need also need to register it with street naming and numbering.

To register a new property name you must:

  • Be the owner of the property
  • Inform Building Services SNN by completing our property name change form 
  • Include a location map indicating the property

Apply online to register a new property name

or you can download and complete a paper form. There is no charge to register the name of a new property.

We will:

  • Check the name change with the Royal Mail
  • Inform you if changing your house name will conflict with any other property in the area, as this can cause problems with credit ratings and the emergency services
  • Notify the following, once the name has been approved by the Royal Mail: council departments, the land registry, police, water companies and two major credit reference companies

The above also applies to commercial properties. If you would like an application form for a change or registration of a commercial address or would like any further information regarding house name changes and registrations please contact us.