Street naming and numbering charges

The following charges are for any application received on or after 1 April 2020. From this date we are also introducing charges for our discretionary street naming and numbering services, which  includes new house names and house name changes. 

We provide a discretionary service for some aspects of the street naming and numbering service for the benefit of the property owner and or developer. All charges are set on a cost-recovery basis taking account of all the resources necessary to provide the service

Street naming and numbering charges from 1 April 2020

Description of works Charge including VAT
Change of existing property name £72
Addition of a house name to a numbered property £48
Naming and numbering of a commercial building £72
Naming of a single new dwelling £72
Registering of an existing address £42
Confirmation of postal addresses for solicitors or conveyancers and all consultees £36 per property
Naming and numbering of new properties including commercial buildings   
2 - 5 plots £120+ £42 per plot
6 - 10 plots £150 + £36 per plot
11 - 25 plots £180 + £30 per plot
26 - 50 plots £180 + £24 per plot
51 - 100 plots £180 + £18 per plot
101+ plots £180 + £12 per plot
Changes to development after initial notification £36 per affected property
  Prices above include VAT