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Highways and new development

The highways development control team:

  • Give advice as a consultee on planning applications to planning development control
  • Ensure that roads are constructed to suitable standards so as to be adopted
  • Secure improvements to the highway associated with new development
  • Input into Planning Obligations in respect of highways and sustainable transport

Any pre-application advice should be sought through the council's planning department. Find more advice on our pre-application planning advice page.

Design guide and specification

Herefordshire Council's design guide and specification for new developments are published to aid developers, designers and other professionals in preparing transport infrastructure in relation to new developments.

View the highways design guide and specification for new developments

In addition to the council's publications, users are advised to consult the national guidance document 'Manual for streets', which has superseded parts of our publications.

Section 38 and 278 process guidance

Section 38 Agreements are the legal mechanism by which developer built roads are adopted as public highways by the Highway Authority.

View Section 38 process guidance notes

Section 278 Agreements are the legal mechanism by which developers can be authorised to amend and alter the existing public highway to facilitate a development.

View Section 278 process guidance notes

For any enquiries relating to the above, please contact the Senior Engineer Highways Adoptions on 01432 261729.

Technical Approval of Highway Structures

For guidance and process for the Technical Approval of any development related highways structures, please view Technical Approval of Highway Structures

Traffic Regulation Orders

View the TRO Procedure flow-chart for developers.

Personal searches

You can do your own search for highways and PROW information using the following resources:

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

The highways development control team advise on the adoption requirements of SuDS features such as balancing ponds and soakaways.

The SuDS Handbook sets out the role of SuDS in achieving sustainable development across Herefordshire, where the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) is Herefordshire Council. Clarity is also provided on the requirements for foul drainage where adoption is not proposed.

All SuDS features should be designed in accordance with the Ciria SuDS Manual.

Section 184 Vehicle Crossing Licences (dropped kerbs)

Our service provider deals with applications for:

  • New vehicle crossings
  • Alterations to existing vehicular crossings to private properties

View our service provider's guidance and application form for dropped kerbs

Section 116 stopping up orders (close or divert a highway)

Our service provider deals with applications for stopping up orders to close or divert a highway under Section 116 of the Highways Act 1980. The term 'stopping up' means that once this order is made, the highway land will have its public highway rights removed.

View our service provider's guidance and application form for stopping up orders

Stopping up orders privacy notice