Highways land searches

LLC1 and Con 29 enquiries are dealt with by the land charges team.

Highway extent plans show the extent of land considered to form the public highway in the vicinity of a property.

In Herefordshire they are usually provided as part of the official local search process.

Apply for a highways land search

If you need a highway extent plan, please complete our online application. You will need to provide a clear plan highlighting the area of interest. We charge a fee of £35 for a highway land search on a small plot of land, for example, a single dwelling.

Apply for a highways land search

For larger plots, for example, farms or developments, please ask the adoptions and searches team for a quotation.

Transportation adoptions and searches team

For further information or advice please contact us:

Address: Adoptions and searches, Transportation, Herefordshire Council, PO Box 236, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0WZ
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