Register a birth

All births must be registered within 42 days from the date of birth. You can make an appointment with the register office on 01432 260565 to register a birth. You can find information on what you will need to bring and information you need to provide on the government's register a birth web page. If the parents are married, you do not both need to attend the appointment, but can both be included on the certificate. Birth registration is free. A birth certificate costs £11 if requested at the time of registration.

If your baby was not born in Herefordshire, we will take your details and forward to the registration district in which the baby was born, as law requires babies to be registered in the district they are born in so you will not receive a certificate immediately. Babies born abroad cannot be registered in England and Wales. However it may be possible for the birth to be registered by the appropriate British authorities in the country of birth. For further information see the government's register a birth web page.

Having a child may affect your tax, benefits and services. There is more information on who can register a birth and what you'll need to take, along with the forms to download, on the government's register a birth webpages.