The role of a Herefordshire councillor

Herefordshire is represented by 53 councillors who are elected every four years by local people to plan, run, monitor and develop the business of the council. They have an important community leadership role, helping residents to shape the place they live. Councillors must identify what is in the public interest among a range of conflicting issues and views. This will enable them to work to improve the quality of life for residents and make decisions about local issues.

Further details about how the council works

All councillors have three main areas of work:

  • Community leader (champion your ward, deal with casework, represent and engage within your community and campaign on local issues)
  • Decision making (contributing to council policies, work with partners and outside bodies and liaise with town and parish councils)
  • Getting involved locally (juggle roles and responsibilities, use IT effectively, communicate with various audiences)

Further details about what a councillor does and how the public can participate. The Local Government Association has also produced a guide to becoming a councillor.

There are various roles within the council including:

  • Group leaders
  • Committee chairman
  • Leader of the council
  • Cabinet member
  • Scrutiny member
  • Committee member

Further details about the roles and responsibilities of a Herefordshire Councillor